Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoroughly Thursday

I've begun my post-fire retail frenzy of replacing that which was lost or ruined. It is not as amazing as it may seem. Some things are just irreplaceable. But I wasted no time consoling myself with my own do-it-yourself Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, only, after the shopping, I'm stuck. I can clean all the live long day, but I lack vision when it comes to my closet, which is full of treasures, but is as precariously stacked as a Jenga board, after 15 turns. Oy. And I have the eensiest trouble throwing things away. I have every piece of mail I've ever gotten, all separated by sender/date. There are things I really love given by people I wish I had never met. There are things of my dad's I feel obligated to keep because he died a few years ago, but I really don't want them.

I.Have.Crafts. That alone will require Scott to come and sit with me.

So today is all about organizing. How ironic is it that I work my ass off to maximize our space, and I'm currently tripping over baskets, bins, totes, shelving units, cans of paint, and some shiny new things eager to become part of the family?

I want to post before pictures, but then I'd have to send Anthrax to each of you in the mail, and Todd needs the computer, like immediately, so off I go to walk in circles as if I have a peg leg, waiting for one dreaded task to suddenly become more alluring (read: less detested) than the others.

So today, pick a closet, book shelf, toy sorter, desk, cabinet, cupboard, or hutch, and pull EVERYTHING out, straight away. I'm telling you, it needs to be wiped down. Then throw everything away you can possibly part with, and then conjure up magical system for putting it all back together, and text me, because I don't know what the hell to do with pipe cleaners, and really resent whoever bought them.

No, I think I will take pictures...

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  1. You're not supposed to start the party without me, jerk. Is we paintin' today or what?

    But, um, I've also been tripping over caddies and totes and bins, oh my. After I give my space a teeny bit of love I'll be over to help tackle your closet. Gulp.