Monday, March 1, 2010

Move Over Moxie...Temporarily

Today, the Moxie spirit is with my dearest friend Sam, a freelance Moxling, whose beloved mother passed yesterday following a very long and tremendously courageous fight with cancer. Sam's strength makes Moxie seem like the little engine that ... might.

So this afternoon, for anyone perusing, please count your blessings, kiss your people, get under a blanket with them and watch Spongebob. (Painful I know, hence my typing and not doing.)

Call today's efforts good and maybe make a list of upcoming priorities. Or wait for me, and I'll spank you with a horrifying list, and as always, wonder why these tasks make me so happy and everyone else hide amongst the debris like E.T. did with the stuffed animals.

Inspired (???) by some recent FAILS I've witnessed in public restrooms, I'm going to need to devote an entire post to essentially, What the Fuck is WRONG With People? Arm yourselves with your clever maneuvers to evade germs and filth and particles just waiting to pounce onto your clothes. OMG ew!

Damn, apparently Spongebob is having a marathon, so off to grab my blankie, a baggie for the TWO teeth that just fell out of Reilly's head unexpectedly, and sneak in some folding, sorting, and assembling. Did you really think I could just sit there? I can love and kick ass, that's why I'm Moxie.


  1. I don't want to brag but I always shut down major cleaning at night when DH gets home so I can spend that time with my little family. :)
    You and your friend are in my prayers.

  2. Sam, while I don't think we've ever met, our fellow circle of acquaintances, and our common love for a certain Moxie woman, put us in the same social circle.

    I know you have been tough through this tremendous battle and your experiences have provided a wealth of information to others needing to deal with the health professionals.

    I am so, so sorry to hear of your loss. I am greatful that your mother is no longer suffering and I wish you peace and love during your mourning.


  3. "I can love AND kick ass" is (or should be) officially your next tattoo. I like it that much.