Sunday, February 28, 2010

Splendors of Sunday: Pick Me Ups!

I'm sure I've mentioned that in addition to cleaning endlessly to make my house bigger, I also (over)use caddies and totes, as if they are sublets or something. Harbouring my treasures whilst taking up minimal space. I'm a genius, really.

After Manic Cleaning Saturday, I went and loaded up on pick-me-ups that are certain to increase our square footage by at least 1,000 feet. These are things that are either a) aesthetically pleasing, or b) have great potential, so I needed to share. It needn't take all your energy nor money to spiff up your space.

Unfortunately, it requires both to spiff up mine:

First of all, with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, I got this for my kids. See how the papers on the left are now invisible, lol?

Due to recent kitchen fire and my hatred of residue, I treated myself to all new drip pans, for when other people cook:

Now that everyone in the house shaves (sniff), I've given up trying to hide my shi-shi razors, and have displayed them for all to share:

The twins, new white garbage can, which kicks previous off-white garbage can's ASS, and my new Swiffer Vac. Fraternal twins, but still, double the pleasure...

At long last, we have outgrown my brown-and-turquoise phase from 2006. The pillows were the final touch. The red ottomans have been total bitches, sneering at the old has-been pillows. I see these every time I go to the store, but tonight they literally jumped into my cart like so many feral cats. There are pictures of the old ones in the archives, but rest assured, they are already forgotten:


My borderline obsession with Dixon-Ticonderoga Number 2 pencils is well known. Tonight I found silver ones. My kids are certain to go to college with these:

Okay okay, life's not, like, encrusted with diamonds or anything, I also came home to this towering eyesore in what was already the most embarrassing computer room in the world:

And who can sleep with Jabba the Hutt and friend atop the microwave? Quinn has been selling off his older pieces on eBay, and is basically a millionaire, and he sets his wares in places like this BECAUSE OF ALL THE CLUTTER!!! Still, I'm proud of how enterprising my kids are:

I mean, FAIL (faints):

I also brought the kids some pick-me-ups, this was Reilly's loot:

I'm stoked to about my new ... er, brain candy, but as you can see from that mind-numbing picture from the seventh circle of hell, I still have plenty of work to do.

I hope each of you is able to do something to shake things up and keep you sweeping/dusting/Swiffing/scrubbing/etc.


  1. Sick? Yes. But on some level it makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm not the only one who's household "chores" are never-ending. <3 it! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. You said you wanted pictures... I'll just link you to my blog and you can use whichever you want!

  3. UMMMMM I am just getting into my brown and turqu phase... am I behind???

  4. Kasondra--I'm glad you smiled and uber-glad you shared your link.

    JoyQ, lady of many aliases--I mean, yes, you are behind, but I would be shot dead by any decorator worth their weight in attitude. What you really need are my former pillows!

  5. I propose we make "What Would Moxie Clean?" buttons or stickers or something! It's been my mantra today.

    I wiped doorknobs for crying out loud. I've never done that.

  6. Kasondra--Wiping doorknobs is the best, clearly you were meant to be here. WWMD is hilarious, especially since right now, amidst several renovations, Moxie can't decide whether to cry, do cartwheels, or burn the house down (again). I will try to post a few lesser-tended-to tasks in a bit, but I'm on the meal committee for a friend whose mom passed yesterday, so I'm lagging on computer time. So glad you found us!

  7. Chey: Thank your friend that posted a link to your blog on MDC. I found it in a search for "cleaning blogs." I'm sorry about your loss. You'll be in my prayers today. Again, don't freak out about not posting constantly; from what I've seen, you've taught us well.

  8. Those pillows are absolutely lovely!!! Good choice!

    And I'm really glad to hear that you have an opinion on pencils (although I didn't know this about you) because I use them a lot with school, I abhor mechanical pencils, and it seems regular pencils are all shit anymore. I will be tracking down the Ticonderoga!

  9. Sweet pillows, pencils, and tasty music. Nice post!

  10. Kasondra--I'm glad you're flexible!

    Jennifer--Perhaps you'd have known that if we ever had our book night! <3

    Keyser--I haven't tasted the pillows, but I'm sure it will happen. The pencils are amazing, and I knew when I posted that picture that you would notice the cd. Dobby is as dead as Keaten, eh?