Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Saturday Closer to Spring!!!

Welcome Kasondra, Joy, and hopefully Nina, if my solution worked for you. And welcome stragglers, SAD sufferers, those who've lost that lovin' feeling, and those with excuses aplenty.

Saturday has long been designated as my manic cleaning day, and it is a custom without which I simply cannot function. I set ridiculous goals, meet 95% of them, am drained of all gratification within five minutes, and take a Xanax to ward off the coffee heart attack. It's good times, trust me.

I've been thinking about spring cleaning, and how it's right around the corner. What I really want to do is just come clean all your houses, but in lieu of this, I'd at least like to open the forum for you guys to express your main goals, large and small, and see if we can't break it down into doable spurts. (FYI: I hate the word spurt, just sayin.') So grease those wheels and let the good times roll, or at least the ideas.

In other news, after being stricken with a nasty case of being at someone else's house and being too shy to object, I saw an episode of Wife Swap, wherein some Taxidermy, hunting, raw-meat-eating wife switched lives with the most organized lady in the world, a woman who makes Kate Gosselin bow. This lady had everything stacked and beautiful, and while I am strongly opposed to forest green anything, except the forest, her totes made me weep. Her secret? A label maker. Damn. I've known many who have romanced these utilitarian treasures, but I always scoffed, thinking it could never happen to me, since I don't use spices. But holy shit you can use these for everything. I'm going to label everything. My children. Or maybe nothing, because it would seem, spices and microscopic jewelry aside, that common sense could lead a person to the cups. Right? Anyway, I bought one, we'll see. The fonts are what sold me.

As for Saturday, rather than scrawl out my usual mania, I thought I'd take a kinder, gentler approach. I'm breaking the house into quadrants and/or rooms, and suggesting a few ways in which to spruce up those spaces. Behold:

First things first:

-Start the laundry and the dishes.

Next: Kitchen

-Do all dishes.

-Wipe all counters/appliances.

-Sweep/Swiffer floors.


-Ajax in the sink, tub, and toilet. Scrub when you can.

-Sweep/Swiff floors.

-Toss mats into the wash.

-Windex mirrors.


-Strip/re-make beds.

-Pick up debris, in whatever form, off the floor.

-Organize night stands.

Living room:

-Pick everything up off the floor.

-Fold blankets. If you have pets, put blankets in wash.

-Wash a window or two.



-Vacuum all carpet.

-Dust til you're blind.

-Do something drastic (Jennifer can help you).

-De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.

-Create clean surfaces.

-PLEASE come help me organize my closet. My talent is cleaning, not organizing.

-Extra credit for getting in your car with any suction device. After going out with a friend last night, I was remiss to find this, amongst other debris. (I've already called A&E's Intervention.)

Croc corn. :( Oh friend.

Okay Moxlings, brew up your coffee and kick Saturday's ass clear to ... Sunday I guess.


  1. OK. I am making coffee and giving up on what I thought would be a lazy day. I needed this.


    Have a place for everything and everything (mostly) in its place. My main complaint about my house is that it is 1) Clean or 2) a total *&^%@ disaster. Its because I have no lablemaker.


    keep up the inspiration. I will send before and afters.

  2. and that is under the wrong gmail account- its really JOY, your stalker.

  3. Joy I would recognize you anywhere, though your reference to a "lazy day" threw me off, as you are as unlikely to even know what that is as I am. Full of promises, boundless energy, organized to the point of absurdity, stealing my ideas, but really nothing more than a phantom. Had there been no witnesses to our meeting I would think you were a hologram or something. I thought you were hooking me up with Nicole and we were getting our DNA tested?

    Finding places for everything sucks, with a twist. On one hand, it just sucks, but on the other hand it may be an opportunity to BUT TOTES! I know you're one of my "buying-totes-and-organizers-will-make-my-house-bigger" disciples, so this could be fun.


    Okay go, I can hear the screams of expired coupons in your laundry room. (And the spring line at Old Navy, just sayin.)

  4. Okay, I had a family day today but tomorrow I'm going Moxie! This is just the kind of list I needed!
    How do I post pics to the comments? Links perhaps? I can do before and afters!

  5. Family days are great, cleaning days are great. Getting your family to clean is the ultimate coup, lol. You can post links to your pics in the comments, or you can email them to me and I can post your successes, or even your failures, in a future thread. I'm really glad you're feeling motivated. That is truly half the battle. Soldier on. :)