Wednesday, April 7, 2010


All my efforts to add 10 hours to each day are for naught, and despite being pretty multi-task-tastic, Moxie Clean hasn't been a formidable contender against fires, travel, my own home renovations, school, a schizophrenic laptop, schizophrenic assholes prowling around my blogs, kids' lessons, activities, and sports, so I haven't been blogging everyday. I get a lot of texts and emails asking me to get my shit together basically, so that this little engine can.

Here is a little ditty that could apply to any day, any afternoon, or any hour, and there's plenty of room for your own personal twists.

Yesterday I had SO much energy I could have torn the walls down and rebuilt the house, but I wasn't particularly keen on sustaining any one task for any length of time, such as painting or bailing out the kids' room, where the fountain of endless toys and Halo books flows. So I spent 20 minutes in each room, and was really satisfied afterward. Today I offer this brilliant little scheme to you. It doesn't feel like cleaning the house because you keep moving, like a wine tasting.

20 minutes in each room/area Some suggestions:


-Load dishes/migrate remaining ones to left side of the sink, wipe out and around the right side and surrounding counter.

-Sweep/Swiff floor.

-De-clutter/rearrange/minimize the stuff on your refrigerator without thinking.

-Dust around ceiling lights, trim, baseboards if you want an A+.


-Remove any dirty dishes, which there SHOULDN'T BE.

-Pick up and fold all blankets.

-Straighten couch cushions and throw pillows.

-Sound the alarm ("Kiiiiiiiiids!!!") to get rid of toys/games/etc.

-Put like things in a stack (ie magazines) and useless things IN THE GARBAGE.


-De-clutter, wipe down counter.

-Wipe out/scrub sinks.

-Spray something in the tub shower, just for good measure.

-Shake bath mats into tub, which will wash away during the next shower, and then sweep the floor. Replace mats unless they are disgusting and need to be washed-washed. (The washing machine is already running RIGHT?) Finally, grab a handful of wipes and clean the lid, including the bottom side, the seat, bottom side, the rim, etc, and give some purposeful swipes to the base and the floor behind. That area tends to get really neglected.

-And, it only takes one minute to grab the Windex and clean the mirror. It's amazing.


-Scan for dishes (for shame!) and trash.

-Strip bed of necessary. Make it if not.

-Gather all clothes quickly and try to put the clean ones in a bundle on the bed, and throw the dirty ones in the laundry (which is still running).

-Organize dresser tops and night stands, throwing away as much as possible, and wiping down all newly rediscovered surfaces.


-Tackle some windows?

-I KNOW there are some blinds begging for love, because even my own master bedroom blinds are like, "Ahem, remember me?"

-Assign kids 20 mins in their own rooms, and accept their best. This is easier said than done, and I suck at it. But if it helps one of you, blah blah blah, lol.


-Organize shoes/coats

-Put your Windex to use if it's out, and it is because you used it the bathrooms.

-Wipe down high chairs.

-Manic maintenance at your computer desk. (Throwing away is key!)

-Sort bookshelves.

-Dust TV/DVD/gaming systems thoroughly.

-Straighten and wipe SURFACES! (I <3 surfaces.)

-Give your laundry room a good sweep and possibly mop.

-Wipe down washer and dryer.

-De-clutter (applies anywhere).

-Empty and re-line all wastebaskets.

There, even if you don't have the time or energy for a full face lift, you can at least inject some Botox, 20 minutes at a time. Minus needles ftw!

You guys can do this, any time, any day. Doesn't 20 minutes feel so much more doable than "Ugh I have to clean the entire house?"

The answer is yes. Get on it!

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  1. This is great advice that I, for one, will be putting to good use!