Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's like crack, you'll be cleaning for hours:

Not as sexy as Beyonce, but this isn't for viewing, it's to get your ass pumped for some cleaning action--now that's sexy. (Ew I just heard the LAME sound bite toward the end, sorry, lol.)

I'll give you a hint: The storage room (of lore) is empty, but it's not what you think.

Five quick mental jumpstarts:

1. Watch the Beyonce video from yesterday until you're BURSTING with get-up-and-go! Duh.

2. Set your timer for 20 minutes and clean your kitchen like it's 2011...

3. Do the 10 minute spray/toss/wipe/sweep in your bathrooms.

4. Trick, bully, or bribe someone into picking everything up off the floors.

5. Come help us paint! (Disclaimer* I'm not wearing a bra. I had to buy all new ones after the fire and am not sacrificing their purity.) We have Rice Krispie treats.

Regularly scheduled programming to commence at some point. Thank you for the texts and emails.



  1. I am SO intrigued! I'd love to come but alas I have those kidlets I'm responsible for ;-)

  2. I'm not sure how intriguing it is but yous are always welcome, you know that!

  3. It is intriguing because you said it wasn't what I thought... but how do you know what I'm thinking? Maybe my thought is correct but now I have to wonder if your thoughts and my thoughts are on the same wavelength or if I'm totally off, or if I'm totally right but you are totally off... my. just. exhausting. LOL

  4. Come see who's right lady. We proved that Rome could have, in fact, been built in a day. I am so sore.

  5. I saw them in concert and although its a great cleaning tune it is actually "I'm in Miami BITCH" which just makes it all the better ;)

  6. I know it's bitch, lol, but I'm partial to the theme song version. I'll look into their other songs, I'm sure we can count on them for a lot more cleaning! And I'm sure that's what they had in mind when they got into music right???
    Thanks for reading. :)