Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mad Moxie Make-Over

Happy Saturday. Despite my lifetime tradition of cleaning like nobody's business on Saturdays, until last year, when I made it everyone's business, you will not find a scroll of to-dos today.

Instead, I'm posting pictures of that long-overdue storage room, which I was certain would spawn the next pandemic if it wasn't addressed immediately, plus we had a pipe dream up our collective sleeve.

This happened in less than 24 hours, and with no money, Moxie-wise.

There's still a thing or two do be done, but I'm pretty stoked, and lucky to have had as many helping hands as I did, because the stuff in this room was shaking my faith in humanity. (Yes I still had some in spite of you Anonymous Assholes--get a fucking life! You're all filthy, like, beyond filthy, so go...GO AWAY, lest I start posting specifics.)

In addition to this recent coup, tomorrow is Reilly's 10th birthday, so today kicked off with wrapping and Quinn and I are spending the day getting boxes, cake, balloons, eating at his favourite restaurant, hitting the mall, because he's 11 like that, hopefully catching a movie, and rejoicing in a clean house, new seasons, new chapters, and wonderful, happy, healthy, loving kids, who, even though they refuse to stay little, love freely and live freely. That's all my world needs.

Moxie's shame (though it's not garbage, it's stuffed animals, outgrown clothes, beddings, furniture, things we save in case our currently humble economic status should pop and find us in bigger digs. We're not hoarders, we're hopers, who gave up on organizing the shit long ago.):

Where'd it go? Holy shit! This Little Laptop of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine:

Fact: It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid getting paint on you. Especially if someone sneaks up and paints Salad Fingers on your shoulder while you're doing precarious edging. Fact 2: I am obviously unshowered, hence the rippled hair:

A room at a view:

Side table, which would be bare except we have a birthday tomorrow and some decorations, just because. Those who know me know how this will look as of tomorrow:

The opposite wall. Sub-woofers and a lamp. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm also talking about burning the blinds alive and replacing them with more curtains, don't worry:

So, there's a LOT of recycling that takes place in transformations such as this one. Luckily, we did this the day AFTER our service picked up, and get to make this work for two whole weeks. Can we say take-out? Without bringing the containers home:

There was one minor expense. I bought myself a brand new queen sized bed yesterday. The whole sleeping-on-the-couch-for-three-years-thing finally got old and painful, and since I'm not skankalicious enough to sleep with whomever, just because it's tight quarters, I figure it was worth $799 for peace of spine. Paint me happy, it will go with the flecks of mocha I can't scrub off:

Beat that bitches! That is this year's Moxie Masterpiece thus far. This is not to say I won't best it if I can.

I hope you're inspired. Do what you can and hug your kids, a lot. They're tiny traitors who are burning to turn 10. :)


  1. Inspiring indeed. In honor of and inspired by your room, By the end of May, I will paint my living room, which is still tan and blue from when we bought the place over a year ago. My problem is my perfectionism. I think I should repair the ill done texture job before painting and that is too big of a job so I just don't paint (among other excuses).

  2. Perfectionism and excuses I can abide by, but painting is just a bitch. Still, what are we going to do about your blue? Also? This project was Perfectionist's Guide to Chilling the Fuck Out because the room is an add-on, and decidedly not built a perfectionist, so there's some slanting and other flaws over which I will have to channel the Dalai Lama so as not to have a nervous breakdown. But really, it was about the bed. There's no way I was bringing my prize into some den of rose wall paper horror. It's ambiance from a distance. Just don't come any closer, lol.

  3. It was so worth getting high off the paint fumes and sore from scrubbing the floor.

    Anonymous bitches can suck it.

    T-minus 8 hours and 20 minutes until quinceaƱera time!

  4. You deserve some sort of medal for getting rid of that wallpaper. I actually LOVE to paint, however I just found your blog today and you're all done with the work. Oh darn. ;) Maybe next makeover...

  5. It looks fantastic! Youse did a great job :)