Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet Saturday Super Successes

In an effort to crank up your enthusiasm this weekend, I thought I'd post a scene-stealing coup successfully staged by my friend Dana, to reinforce that anything is possible of you...are shamed constantly, and commit a date to Moxie!

She apologized profusely for her living room (yawn), and I told her to shutthefuckup. It was spacious yet cozy, and nice yet casual, though I will concede to spearmint-coloured blinds being pretty unforgivable.

Yeah, she's got skills like this:

The end of their seven acre living room:

And after, plus Jason, plus Stephen Colbert:

Previous tv district, a source of some strife as I recall, lol:

Take THAT Jason:

Dana say:

"Amazing what a coat of paint and a lack of green blinds can do for one's spirit!

Paint was $60. Curtains way more than they should have been. Curtain Rods another $60. But otherwise, nothing cost money. Finally got the ugly tv stand Jason brought home 4 years ago which just displays junk, out of the living room and traded it for something else we already had.

Moxieclean rocks!" :-)

Now that you've basked in your upgrade for two days, it's to kick some
Saturday ass! No doubt you've been at some soccer game since 5am.

My day? A bit scattered, weaving errands and activities in with the never-ending battle on the home front.

So far, I've:

-Put in the last load of laundry.

-Wiped down the kitchen.

-Dusted one of many regions that get a light dusting every fucking two seconds.

-Organized some paperwork.

-Organized five of 32023579 discs.

-Wiped down front bathroom.

-Forgot to make coffee.

Still in store:

My clothing pile, bigger than all the oil spills combined, waiting to be hung:

See? If we just stopped cooking, this wouldn't happen:

The insidious dining room table that can't stay clean for three seconds:

Just to name a few.

I also have to:

-Clean my room.

-Sweep back porch.

-Wash all mats.

-Get some lint rolling/dusting action going.

-Clean out the refrigerator. (No, not again, still.)

-Have Reilly finish sewing heaties (heated rice packs).

-Organize 40,000 pictures online.

-Change all bedding/sheets.

-Empty all wastebaskets.

-Bleach all sinks.

-Wipe all blinds.

-Get into the kids' room, which I did not post.

-This is all assuming I survive that pile of clothes. I swear to God I am responsible for at least one impoverished nation. Recently there was an intervention, wherein I was forced, and I mean forced, to get rid of this heap. Some still have tags. The truly sad thing? I won't even notice they're gone. I have long said, if you have seven outfits, you wear six, and if you have 100 outfits, you wear six. So adios. [sniff] Mt. Consumerism will take SEVERAL hours. Starbucks STAT!

Yes, I'm the only one who wakes up ready to rumble. (This is Reilly. I can tell by her water bottle.):

But fear not, half joy in my Saturday sickness is having the house nostly clean before anyone wakes up. The other half is cracking the whip once they do scrape themselves awake. :)

And the other other half, also known as a third, is a sweet Moxie comeback, like this one:

Man, that sucked.


  1. You could still stand to get rid of 29485736262634 more articles or clothing. Just sayin'.

    I made a bed that is one goddamned stubborn bitch. Need Starbucks NOW!

  2. Back.Away.From.My.Clothes.

    I saw the bed you made. You should stick with your second-to-none cooking and baking. (Macaroni and cheese, and then coconut cupcakes today pleaseandthankyou.)

    I have never seen sadder throw pillows in all my life. Starbucks: Check.

  3. FINE. I'll clean something today. How about I get rid of most of my clothes today? Fine.

    "all my single ladies" is the perfect 1pm Sat song. Just saying.

  4. Joy--You really should, since you're so mercurial no one sees you anyway.

    Also, don't underestimate Bad Romance. I am so anti-hype I dismiss virtually everything, and then years later I'm like "OMG I just heard this amazing song!" And Reilly will say, "Mom, I've had that song since I was two." So heads up just in case you're like me, still groovin' to The Gambler.

    C) Jonah's head is not too big, you're crazy.

  5. How can you forget to make coffee? Impossible. Furthermore, you didn't mention that you inspired me to paint my living room with the busting out of your room several weeks ago. I do believe I told you at that time, I would paint within a month. I'm not kidding.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that I have reconciled with the windows and mirror in the living room. Clean. Honestly though, it was just so my pictures even though taken in the dark, wouldn't expose me as the dirty window person I am.


  6. OMG how many people can I know whose names begin with "D?" It makes nicknames impossible. I'm going to get you one of those hot couture baby tees that says "Mrs. Palin!" Yes! Then we're going to do your dreds and re-name everyone else!

    Who said I forgot coffee? I would never.

    Good job following my advice two weeks late. Obviously I'm going to lick your windows next time I'm there, to teach you a lesson. And steal the star plates. ♥

  7. I quote, "So far I've .... -Forgot to make coffee..." Is that where Stbx comes into play? Dreads this fall.

    Trying to think of something to say about the Palin tee but I'm not as witty as you. I should gift the tea set to you for your part in my clean stove, fridge and new living room, but you will hate it because it gets scattered all the time and it's missing a cup.

    Will anxiously await the Moxi episode where you tell us the 1,2,3's on how to organize pictures on the damn computer. Do you have a special program? Use folders?

  8. Ha! I figured out the secret to being able to read the blog but not have to clean... I'll read it on Sunday! Woot!
    Now I get to sit and chuckle at your insanely funny (or maybe just insane) sense of humor and not have to lift a finger. Well, except to wipe the dust off the monitor so I can read what I'm typing...
    Thoroughly enjoying the music, too, by the way. :)

  9. Becky--

    a) I cannot imagine your home being anything but a showcase for Better Homes and Gardens.

    b) Obviously we will start applying the Scripture "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" (You totally set yourself up.) immediately.

    c) I'm glad you like the music, feel free to offer suggestions. We mustn't let it stagnate.

    I dare you to post a picture.

  10. The living room transformation was impressive. I've been pretending cleaning doesn't exist mostly until it can't be denied.