Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, Hold the Mania

Manic Cleaning Saturday has been canceled this week while we mourn the one year anniversary of Sidney Josephine, Debe's baby daughter who was lost and born still, and for whom many hearts still ache. This is an unconscionably difficult marker of time for a mother with empty arms.

Debe received the Super Sized Deluxe Douche Bag Snub when her daughter died, by the infamous maggots squirming in hatred in our community, and received virtually no support, because she is my friend. Nevertheless, she is an amazing, dynamic woman, truly one in bazillion, and many have adopted her into a genuine loving core of people who are holding her up, sharing her grief, and we are dedicating these few days to remembering Sidney, how real and wanted she was, crying for her absence, and eating a lot of sugar.

I did clean Debe's house while she was out today, so it's fair to say you can't take the Moxie out of the girl, but it sure puts clutter and smudges in perspective.

Please cast your cleaning stress aside, if only for a moment, and send a thought to this mama, so dear to many, and the baby girl who will live forever in her heart, but tragically, not among us. Debe wants everyone to squeeze your kids, and to remember that evil has no place in motherhood.

In the midst of grief, I must express my immense pride in the strength of this woman, despite being surrounded so much poison, for being a wonderful mama to her son Sorren (three), a stellar friend, and inarguably the most hilarious human being on earth.

Our hats are off to you, our hearts are with you, and our memories will forever include your precious Sidney.


  1. You are in my heart, Debe, as is Sidney. I wish I had better words, but i offer my loving friendship.

  2. Please tell Debe that the grief she is feeling and must endure is shared by so many of us who love her and her Sidney. May each day bring more healing and peace to her wonderful loving heart <3<3

  3. All my love goes to Debe right now, from one Mother to another I cannot imagine such pain. What an amazing woman she is to have allowed life to carry on and I know she has been a barrier of strength to you so many times over.

    It's times like these when we cannot mourn what life never allowed, but celebrate the gifts that it has. It doesn't bring little Sydney back, but perhaps it makes her life all the more precious. If she was here just to teach that lesson, then nothing at all was lost.


  4. ((((Debe)))) I am so sorry for you loss. I support you. I can not imagine experiencing this magnitude of loss. You are an amazing woman as is Cheyenne. Thank you Cheyenne for calling a moment for remembering little Sidney. Rest in peace Sidney.