Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Part of Manic Cleaning/Coffee Saturday Will Be Played By Mellow, Whatever You Can Get Done Saturday...just this once!

Oh how I've departed from my beloved manic cleaning/coffee Saturdays. I still get the cleaning done mind you, but I no longer drink coffee and I no longer have a reason to hurry. I still do however, hurry, because it is immensely gratifying to say, to myself, (the person who cares) "I did this, this, this, this, this, this, and this in an hour!" Today will be a setting-the-timer-for-an-hour day, as I have some errands and a baby shower to attend. Thankfully, as I believe I posted yesterday, I struck gold and paid Quinn $10.00 to do three pages of chores I simply didn't have time to complete, hence the "mellow" in Mellow Saturday. This kid blew my mind. He believes in doing things right, whereas I just need the shit out of eyesight, you know? More or less. So hats off to my boy, who is going to make a very good husband, or gay agoraphobic, someday.

This morning I have:

-Rotated laundry, two baskets away from being all caught up. MUST we wear clothes everyday?

-Made one bed, the other one is giving me that come hither look, as I barely slept.

-Wiped down the entire kitchen as I took meds and made breakfast.

-Wrote my sad, wilted, Saturday list which is certain to get me ousted.

-Put all the fruit, strewn about the entire counter, into the fruit bowl we recently bought, duh. I think Todd believes in produce segregation, but I believe in fruit bowls. I win.

-Hung all my wet laundry. Did I mention that my favourite new blose along with my favourite jeans went through the dryer yesterday because the kids don't know my code for not drying certain loads? (The code is a sticky note that says, "DO NOT DRY!") But bless their hearts for trying.

I WILL accomplish the following in one hour, watch me:

That's right, I'm about to hold the drawing for the Starbucks gift card right now! Are you all on the edges of your seats? (The correct answer is, "No Chey, we're all mopping furiously and can't stop!"

Okay here we go: Drumroll...And the winner is:


Megan, all those early efforts paid off and despite the hardship this past week, your hard work has not gone unnoticed. The raffle gods did not forget! Congrats!

Just think you (or you, or you) could be the next winner, so get those Kirkland wipes flying.


-You know the drill.

-Dust/wipe all picture frames, possibly leading to a manic wiping down of all walls.

-Organize board and/or video games! They need it, we all know what game look like when the carboard corners pop loose and they're all flappy and irritating. Wipe 'em down and re-stack.

-Same with video games. We have the leaning tower of X-Box games here, and it's getting a piece of my mind today.

-Pick two things from an earlier list this week, that you had really hoped to get done, and DO THEM! I'm thinking clean out your car and your purse. But it can be anything.

-Wipe around your windows. That shit gets dusty. If the glass taunts you into a spritz of Windex/green solvent, even better.

-Dust your computer area, it needs it.

-Pick up 20 things.

-You're done.

Okay, off to flip off that stupid bed that is downright stalking me, set that timer, put on some Lady Marmalade, and kick it!


  1. I was so shocked by your loss of coffee that I had to go and re-read your post after sobbing for you in sympathy. I don't drink loads of coffee, but I HAVE to have my few cups a day to keep sane. I now have such a deep respect for you it's unreal.
    Today was a relaxed day, the kids are home this weekend which means Family Fun Time! So we all packed our swimming gear and headed to our local pool to splash around! So much fun!
    So today I:
    -Swam keeping the kids smiling in the pool and drooled over my man in his swimming trunks (hawt!)
    -Tried to avoid thinking what my thighs must look like in the bathing gear, thankfully I was saved in the pool by the ''NO Photography in the pool area allowed'' sign. Whew....I was sweating bullets up to that point.
    -Made a kick ass choice for lunch out and if my Slimming leader doesnt give me a sticker I'm going to lay down in front of her in slimming class like a starfish in protest. (This was a Griffin Classic as a toddler)
    -Made my bed!

    Those were the highlights! Tomorrow is another fun day with a school fair and stuff. It's the basics until Monday, so just keeping up on dishes etc to survive the weekend. xx

  2. P.S.- Fluent in Dutch already? Oooh don't I wish! I can swear at you, ask you want to drink and tell you good morning and some other semi-useful things but I cannot speak it totally yet. Getting there, slowly but surely! Tot ziens! xx

  3. Mesina-Funny thing, the coffee. I used to drink a 90 oz. tumbler full every morning, and typically hit Starbucks later on. Then I learned I was allergic to everything but rocks and gave it up because of the milk. But I maintained my Saturday coffee so I could C-L-E-A-N right? But then it started giving me panic attacks that would waylay an elephant, right around the time my life started bursting apart at the seams. I can't have it at all. Turns out, I have a natural energy level that rivals a locomotive (surprise!) so I don't really need it. But I'm brainwashed and when I see a Starbucks logo, especially on a cup, I turn into Rainman.

    Anyway, loving the thigh insecurity even though it's rubbish, also the starfish (PLEASE post a picture of that), and taking the kids to the pool trumps cleaning. Good job mama starfish!

  4. Fascinating. Please share, what is your technique to bleach the tub? *yes, I realize I sound like a cleaning moron/beginner, and that's exactly what I am.

  5. Megan-I thought you'd like that. :)

    Lucy-Welcome. Generally speaking, I use a solvent (I use Ajax because I'm not green), and give it a decent scrub, sides and rims too. Then rinse thoroughly and fill tub with hot water, adding liberal amounts of bleach as it runs. Fill it as high as you feel needs to be whitened. Let it sit for an hour or even more, drain, rinse (bleach is slick), and enjoy! I might add that bleaching your sinks following same protocol is equally rewarding. Good luck!