Sunday, June 14, 2009

Suck it Sunday

Take a day off. It's a Moxie Mandate.

Enjoy it because free passes like this are about as rare as unicorns.


  1. I could almost say I had a day off, except that we ended up sorting our back garden out! It felt so good to get the lawn mowed and the weeds rid of. We all pitched in together, minus one teenager who had other things to do (can't say I blame her, she did other chores instead).

    Enjoy your day off peeps! xx

  2. As you are taking a day off, I am feeling super motivated to get stuff clean today. Maybe some end of pregnancy energy is finally kicking in. I will take my day off on Tuesday.

  3. It's mutiny, no matter what I say, oh well, lol!

  4. I wasn't sure how concerned I should be about this unicorn yesterday. Glad you are still surviving.