Monday, July 27, 2009

Melting on a Monday,

Okay Mesina, you've got the floor.

Motivate us.

We're hot and bitter.

It's up to you to inspire us out of our heat-induced sloth, and do something.

No pressure, maybe a duet with your Dyson...


-Make bed.

-Make breakfast.

-Make chore lists.

-Put clothes away.

-Hang more clothes.

-And more clothes.

-Paint the kids' nails before we meet some friends.

-Round up kidstuff (meant to be one word) and set in the lair.

-Shower (tepid, half-caff, no foam, extra lather).

-Fix Todd's insane and habitual manner of putting the pop amongst the Kirkland wipes on top of the refrigerator which is wrong for every reason mentioned. Nothing goes on my refrigerator.

-Wipe down toilets.


-Has the statute of limitations on my promise to complete the school shelf expired?

-Get rid of outgrown kids' shoes.

-Hire a drill sergeant to oversee the kids' chores. When Todd was working they would wake up and do them, without being asked. But Todd is softer about these things and my kids have become slack. Dammit.

-Clean back vanity.

-Clean all window sills.

-Car wash.



-Collect every dish in the house and wash it, even if by hand. Wipe down your counter, fixtures, every surface, sweep, Swiffer, rejoice.

-Time to triumph over the laundry. These are clothes people, you can't them win. By the way, are any of you sneaking your laundry into mine, or are our clothes cloning themselves?

-Stop to get cool.

-Chug the H20.

-Scream meanly at your kids to put their shit in their room(s) because it's making you hotter.

-Seriously, cob web check!

-Sweep your entry stoop/porch.

-Clean your range hood.

-Check window sills/ledges.

Frankly if Mesina were worth her weight in Dysons, she'd come do it for us, enthrall us with her humour, and then live with me.

On your marks, get set, sweat!


  1. Um, Mesina, where for art thou?

  2. Wow! A post made for me to motivate and inspire and I ditched ya! Well no not really, in fact the only thing that happened here was that you posted it a bit too late on my end, as I WAS checking your site periodically throughout the day to post my happenings for yesterday. But I'm here! (albeit a bit late eh?)

    I like the plan that leads me to end up living with you! Yeah...that could work!

    What did I do yesterday, wow it was a manic day. I:
    ☺ Cleaned my kitchen, counters, floors, sink, stove all got done and my kitchen was singing with happiness!
    ☺ Made sure my bedroom was a place of peace and relaxation...aka I cleaned the shit outta it so I could sleep
    ☺ Mr Dyson and I had a wonderful time doing the downstairs and up, the staircase itself and some odd corners that simply needed that special something!
    ☺ Laundry, laundry LAUNDRY!! I did most of it yesterday, finishing the rest today as....well the dog decided AGAIN to hop all over my bedsheets with the not so cleanest of all paws....damn her!
    ☺ My livingroom got some love....the coffee table got a clean over, the floors got a makeover and well...everything I could see got something done. It feels better in there to sit and chill.
    ☺ Got a head start on the Garage which needs some cleaning again...just general junk that's been stuffed in there. So I got a few little bits picked up everytime I went into do the laundry.. YAY ME!

    And that was my day! I'm sorry I didn't see this post soon enough I would have been all over it!! Once the evening hits at my house I tend to stay away from all things computer related and chill with my guy and kids. SORRY!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥