Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking Tuesday off Too?

Normally my ego would be sore to see no comments, but let's be real, it's over a hundred degrees and I'm surprised no one has come to my door with a bomb for the mere suggestion that we clean.

No no, I get it.

But OCD is immune to temperature, so I was unable to lie on my linoleum floor and order my children to spray me with cold water. I finished everything on my list except window sills, which I was told I'd be killed if I opened even a crack, and going through the car wash. Just plain forgot. But I did vacuum my car, in the peak hour. It's a good thing I'm fast.

The pain of the heat doesn't bother me nearly as much as my hair frizzing out like some sort of insane person who needs to be in restraints. And being sweaty is never okay.


-Folding two loads of laundry.

-Trying to shake my breakfast regimen up a bit. But probably won't.

-Wiping down the washer/dryer.

-Sweeping the laundry room floor, which is our entrance. We win the white trash award.

-Organize Tupperware drawer.

-Clean kitchen window.

-Search for cobwebs with a fine tooth comb.

-Drink three gallons of water instead of my usual two.

-Put clothes away.

-Try to take advantage of kids' resiliency and see what I can make them do. Today I asked Quinn, who had stayed home alone while I brought lunch back, to meet me at the car (which I assumed meant garage), as I had things to carry. So I pull into the driveway, and he walks out in his boxer briefs for the entire world to see. I laughed so hard, and then shooed him in and reminded him about pedophiles.

-Dust all fans.


-You guys tell me if you're ready for challenges, lol. Try to soothe your eyes with a few quick tasks.


-Hanging in the kiddie pool will minimize indoor destruction.

-No cooking.

-Accept any and all offers of visits to friends with AC. Unfriend those with no AC. :)

-Clean out the refrigerator and/or freezer? That's cool.

That's all she wrote. Stay cool.


  1. My laundry room is also the entrance..,so we share the white trash award! if you show me yours, i will show you mine....mine is TRASHY! i need some ideas!

  2. I've done a thing or two round here! Mostly I have continued my laundry sagas - of which I am just about to go and put all away (that's good right?!). Apart from that I got so much done yesterday there isn't a whole lot to do today. However tomorrow I have visions of sitting down in the kids room and sorting through allllll the clothes they have in there that I know don't fit. I dunno...we'll see what motivation tomorrow brings first! ☺
    And I'm still insanely jealous that you have heat to contend with!!! SEND SOME HERE!! xxx

  3. For some reason I couldn't access yesterdays post until today. . . That said, I did manage to find some motivation in my anger. SO, cleaning therapy for me!

    I kicked some kitchen ass, not to mention my upstairs bathroom.

    Now when I say I kicked ass in these rooms, that means top to bottom, four walls, and EVERYTHING in between! AAAHHHHH! We should have eaten off the floors last night! Um. . . ok, maybe not.

    Today is Tuesday, and as usual we are off for our weekly visit to a friend's house. Not sure how long we'll stay though because it's supposed to be a comfortable high 60's here and where she's at it will likely be closer to 80 or so. . .

    Mesina-sorting through the kids clothes is always such a harrowing task around here. . .between four children and the fact that each has a TON of clothes, I wish you the best in your endeavor! I'll be sending lots of positive energy and focus today!!

  4. In between hiding from the heat, I'm pursuing D&L.

  5. i've managed to do a load of diapers, fold the huge pile of clothes that wasn't really fitting in the closet anymore, start some cinnamon rolls only to have kris glare at me for even thinking of using the oven, and clean the kitchen.

    i am hoping to accomplish the following:
    eat. something. anything.
    take vitamins
    stay hydrated
    keep the AC on until it explodes
    do lots of whining while picking up the playroom

  6. i had to come back and update my list.

    in addition to the above, i have:
    mopped the kitchen, both bathroom floors, and the entryway
    cleared off my desk and wiped it down
    cleaned the fridge(HOLY SHIT)
    picked up every toy
    conned kris into cleaning the garage
    vacuumed every room
    sprayed my moms smelly, drunken boyfriend down with febreez
    took vitamins, had my weekly(that should be daily) soy protein shake, and ate some grapes

  7. I haven't done much today in the way of cleaning. I washed a load of laundry and am waiting for it to cool down to 200 degrees before i go hang it to dry outside. Then I'll have one more load of laundry to go. Dishes are done.
    I succeeded in conning my child to take a shower today (yay) and then foolishly spent an hour and a half trying to get him to take a nap since he said he was tired and needed a nap.

    Went to work for 2 hours and packed about a million boxes so that our maintenance team can set up new cubicles for us tomorrow.

    Right now I am sitting in front of my fan trying not to melt. I don't know how anyone else accomplished anything today.

  8. I tackled the laundry, because it was actually looking quite tackleable, and then told myself there is NO REASON to run the dryer on a day like this, so I braved the horrid heat (when it was 90 degrees at 10AM, it's 106 now) to hang it all up. The socks and undies went into the dryer though, I don't like hanging that stuff up.

    Other than that, just general maintenance. Picking up trash when I see it, moving dishes to the sink, sweating with the sweaty baby. I'll bet that laundry was dry by 11, but I'm not going out there until the sun goes down!

    I'll be out of town when this heat lets up, getting a nice week long break from housework while you whip the other moxlings into shape. Na na na na na! :) Of course I'll be scrubbing the house down the night before my flight, because I can not leave the house in a mess, no way I'm coming home to that.

    Stay cool!

  9. Wow what a turn-out you guys, dang! Okay, cut the shit. The heat doesn't really bother me per se. Don't get me wrong, I'm as close to butt-ass naked as I can be without it being against the law, but it doesn't slow me down or make me grouchy. I am, however, incredibly sad, so it was a real boon to imagine you all cleaning away so you can rest peacefully when it cools down one degree at 3am.

    Queen-I'm willing to share that crown, lol. As for showing you mine, I'm showing mine to everyone yo, so it ain't no thang. What is it about your laundry room that's bugging you, besides that it's not an entrance and never will be? Can you send a picture? I may have ideas...Thanks for the post!

    Mesina-That post almost sounds clinically depressed compared to your usual tone. Are you okay? Always impressed by you, always proud, always cheering the loudest.

    Dawna-Oooh, brilliant use of anger (you get angry?)! Angry motivation equals squeaky clean floors and furious vacuuming, whereas sad motivation equals organizing old photographs and watching giant tears glopping onto images of those who have passed or, especially motivating (to keep crying that is), pictures of people you used to love. Yeah, my fucking pictures are organized. I love you eating off the floors. Dan your kids are mellow. Way to be a fantastic mama on top of angrily scrubbing the shit out of your house.

    Hey Katie-That's fewer loads of D & L you'll face tomorrow when it's 7,085 degrees...good job!

    Debe-I really want to tease you about making sure you got all the cockroaches our of the kitchen, but can't risk anyone believing it. Your house is shining like the top of the fucking Chrysler Building. Also, you may want to get some opinions about your vitamins. I know some very knowledgeable people who would love to regurgitate the ever-changing opinion of someone else to you, lol. Thanks for the chat, I've never laughed harder (since our chat last night--the scythe).

    Debe-2-Good lord, did you make muffins and watch out the window too? You rock lady. And, did the smelly drunken boyfriend realize you were spraying him?

    Susannah-Damn. I know the heat is getting to you when you exaggerate by 100 degrees and stop capitalizing! And you still managed dishes and laundry and cleaning the wild child plus a million boxes? Serious kudos.

    Laura-Good job on the laundry. Curious, you don't like to hang socks and undies because it makes them crunchy or because of modesty or?

    General maintenance is great. More than the majority of what residents of Salem and surrounding areas were doing.

    You guys made my day. Way to be.

  10. WTG Debe!!! It's too soon for you to be nesting! LOL!

    Yeah, I get angry. . .we won't go there. ;-)

  11. Depressed? Probably just the fact that I'm stuck at home at the moment! Everytime I think about making a trip outside the house I realise that I have no cash on me....and the only damn atm in the village isn't always working. Soooo I'm a wee bit pent up!

    On the bright side, the house is getting clean! I'm out friday with friends so that will cheer me up. Maurice is off to Holland on Thursday for four days on business....screw him! He can't go! I WANNA GO!

  12. Yes, i will take a pic tonight......as much as i dont want to!! i dont allow visitors for that reason!!