Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Withering Wednesday

I would just like to start by saying b-l-a-h in three syllables. It is the non-battle cry for our entire city right now.

So many of you pushed through the heat yesterday and showed your true Moxie (which by the way is the best baby name ever), my heart soared, and then fell the ground with a thud, but that's a separate post.

I was in fact able to stay inside and get caught up on all that sneaky shit that appears when your back is turned and you go searching for a noose. Clutter, ugh. The laundry's all folded and tucked in, dishes run, floors swept/Swiffered, most things dusted, surfaces wiped down, window tracks got tended to surreptitiously, and Quinn did his chores. (Reilly is away.)

But yesterday sucked chihuahua balls, so I wasn't exactly out for any toothpick revenge.

This morning, I have:

-Made breakfast ... booo-ring.

-Discovered 600 soccer balls and kicked them into the kids' room.

-Worshiped ice.

-Made my bed.



-Clean out refrigerator and freezer, including racks and drawers.

-Put all errant binders onto school shelf, thanks to the one newly vacant shelf.

-Free the dryer of all the shit on it. Typically when someone brings over a dish or something, we leave it on the dryer and people know to take gander to ID their things but lately it's too hot and people have turned our dryer into a storage unit.

-Bleach toilets.

-Scour for one last tote, for XBox games.

-Touch up the outsides of certain windows who were naughty and got dirty already.

-Hang the bitchin world map I scored, but clean the hutch it will be concealing first. Puke.

-Cleanse my mind of a heaping pile of rotten clutter. Is there such thing as a mental garbage disposal?

-Restock tp, Kleenexes, paper towels, and napkins.

-All before taking Reilly to track, if that's not child abuse.


-Try cleaning your refrigerator/freezer, sitting on a stool perhaps? Nice and cool!

-Drink water.

-Sit on the floor and organize a cupboard/drawer, with fans pointed at you.

-Drink water.

-Bust out quick bathroom make-overs, then pass out.

-Scoop up jackets, blankets, toys, shoes, as you inch toward your next glass of water.

-Please call Quinn and tell him to stop wearing a hat, on the grounds that is killing his mother.

Show me the money, we're back on a roll! Heat schmeat!


  1. I'm tired I wanna go back to bed!

    Ok so last night I didn't exactly get the kind of sleep that makes me feel worthy of living the day...however I am not quite death warmed up (call me in like 3 hours I'll probably be at that point then).
    However! Since my Man is leaving me for 4 whole days alone in this house with kids and dogs, I have vowed to make him wish he was staying home by being the best woman evah! Ok truth is, I'll just miss him like crazy and want to make sure he's sorted to travel for tomorrow morning so I can spend time with him tonight. :)

    ☺ So! I have cleaned up most of the rooms, making sure the livingroom was defluffed, detoyed and decluttered...I will be vaccuming all of the downstairs and up in a moments time (oooh Mr Dyson!)
    ☺ I have also sorted my kitchen, clear of dishes and crumbs - Oi!
    ☺ Finishing up final laundry, as in folding (most of it is washed) and will iron Maurice's shirts tonight ready to be packed
    ☺ Made my bed...I know shocking isn't it?
    scolded the dogs a million times for stealing My Little Ponies...don't ask
    ☺ Making Shepards pie for dinner in order to send the Dutch guy off to Holland remembering good English cooking. I know it's a weird plan but I told him to pick tonights dinner and thats what he asked for.

    Tomorrow I will be checking in, Man free...Friday kid I'll probably be buck naked by Friday afternoon screaming through the house about you ''Never taking my FREEEDOOOOOOOM'' - the high will last approximately 5 hours until I realise that I really am just naked and alone....with ice cream...did I say that? :P xxx

  2. Well, for me it's time to:

    ~clean the upstairs toilet and shower again
    ~vacuum the upstairs floors
    ~laundry (as usual)
    ~dishes (of course)
    ~meals (duh)
    ~return cans and bottles to the store
    ~do some shopping. . .
    ~tidy and vacuum kids rooms
    ~work on bathroom renovations. . .

    There may be more-if so, I'll update later!

  3. today i have: cleaned 2 toilets; spiffed up the bathroom; done 4 loads of laundry: taken out the trash. next is remaking the beds with the freshly laundered sheets and folding and putting away towels. heat isn't an issue here today but i still feel inspired to wipe out the fridge.

  4. I'm desperately in need of doing dishes and folding the laundry I washed and dried yesterday, but we're spending the day at my in-laws', because they have AC. Chores can wait until tomorrow's relative less heat.

  5. apparently a fucking gnome or something(or was it chupacabra??) sabotaged my house in the middle of the night, so i get to re-do everything i did yesterday. plus i'm going to bleach my toilets because that sounds like too much fun.

    and yeah, moxie. i am just going to tell kris he's not the father, or is that too mean?

  6. You know my deal, back from weekend late Sun night, at hospital with ill grandfather since then, mix add sun and an inferno for an apt and I don't see much of anything being done any time soon with the exception of required laundry.

  7. I think I *might* *finally* be too pregnant to clean properly. I am TRYING. Late at night, in my underwear, I am STRUGGLING to keep up. I have a plan to go on an hour cleaning frenzy with my daughter tonight if I'm alive enough once it cools off a bit.
    My house is not as clean as it should be per my expectation level and my yard/ plants are not getting enough water.
    I am just so pregnant and it is SO hot and it annoys me that I am not reaching personal goals.