Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thriving on a Thursday

In view of this nearly-fatal heat wave, and the fact that many of you have, to borrow a line from Jacob, become amphibians (maybe evolution is true? Or deevolution...), I just had to show off the astounding efforts of some of my Moxlings yesterday.

Not sure if you guys go back and read the individual comments over which I slave each night, but I really need to give these ladies their props. (Note: I receive a lot of emails from other Moxlings who have done great things but have tremendous difficulty posting comments here, which I hear a lot. I'm not sure why this is but I lack the computer savvy to fix it. If anyone could help me tweak a few things I'd be forever grateful, as you all have a large family of cleaning cousins you don't even know about.)

Mesina said...

I'm tired I wanna go back to bed!

Ok so last night I didn't exactly get the kind of sleep that makes me feel worthy of living the day...however I am not quite death warmed up (call me in like 3 hours I'll probably be at that point then).
However! Since my Man is leaving me for 4 whole days alone in this house with kids and dogs, I have vowed to make him wish he was staying home by being the best woman evah! Ok truth is, I'll just miss him like crazy and want to make sure he's sorted to travel for tomorrow morning so I can spend time with him tonight. :)

☺ So! I have cleaned up most of the rooms, making sure the livingroom was defluffed, detoyed and decluttered...I will be vaccuming all of the downstairs and up in a moments time (oooh Mr Dyson!)
☺ I have also sorted my kitchen, clear of dishes and crumbs - Oi!
☺ Finishing up final laundry, as in folding (most of it is washed) and will iron Maurice's shirts tonight ready to be packed
☺ Made my bed...I know shocking isn't it?
scolded the dogs a million times for stealing My Little Ponies...don't ask
☺ Making Shepards pie for dinner in order to send the Dutch guy off to Holland remembering good English cooking. I know it's a weird plan but I told him to pick tonights dinner and thats what he asked for.

Tomorrow I will be checking in, Man free...Friday kid I'll probably be buck naked by Friday afternoon screaming through the house about you ''Never taking my FREEEDOOOOOOOM'' - the high will last approximately 5 hours until I realise that I really am just naked and alone....with ice cream...did I say that? :P xxx
July 29, 2009 6:28 AM

Mesina, I was all set to praise you for inventing "detoyed," but Shepard's pie is grotesque and you bring shame upon all Americans. However, being naked and the words "call me" got you back in my good graces. You go girl.

Dawna said...

Well, for me it's time to:

~clean the upstairs toilet and shower again
~vacuum the upstairs floors
~laundry (as usual)
~dishes (of course)
~meals (duh)
~return cans and bottles to the store
~do some shopping. . .
~tidy and vacuum kids rooms
~work on bathroom renovations. . .

There may be more-if so, I'll update later!
July 29, 2009 9:49 AM

Dawna-Plus you exercised? You bitch! <3

gail said...

today i have: cleaned 2 toilets; spiffed up the bathroom; done 4 loads of laundry: taken out the trash. next is remaking the beds with the freshly laundered sheets and folding and putting away towels. heat isn't an issue here today but i still feel inspired to wipe out the fridge.
July 29, 2009 11:42 AM

Gail-I am shocked there was that much to do in your house. Do you have a concussion? Either way, as long as your towels are straight, you are my idol.

Katie said...

I'm desperately in need of doing dishes and folding the laundry I washed and dried yesterday, but we're spending the day at my in-laws', because they have AC. Chores can wait until tomorrow's relative less heat.
July 29, 2009 12:55 PM

Katie-AC trumps cleaning. Hope you had icicles on you! :)

debe said...

apparently a fucking gnome or something(or was it chupacabra??) sabotaged my house in the middle of the night, so i get to re-do everything i did yesterday. plus i'm going to bleach my toilets because that sounds like too much fun.

and yeah, moxie. i am just going to tell kris he's not the father, or is that too mean?
July 29, 2009 1:29 PM

It really is shitty of you to make laugh so hard I have tears streaming down my face. My fingers are already down to the bone. Was the gnome 5'-something and reeking of liquor and smoke? Maybe let a chupacabra in, I hear they feast on gnomes...

As for Moxie, do whatever it takes, I'll be your accomplice/alibi. In the words of Milli Vanilla, "Girl You Know it's True...ooh oooh ooh..."

Hennifer said...

You know my deal, back from weekend late Sun night, at hospital with ill grandfather since then, mix add sun and an inferno for an apt and I don't see much of anything being done any time soon with the exception of required laundry.
July 29, 2009 3:10 PM

Jennifer-Thoughts and prayers are with your family. But I am goddamned proud of that A!

Karinda said...

I think I *might* *finally* be too pregnant to clean properly. I am TRYING. Late at night, in my underwear, I am STRUGGLING to keep up. I have a plan to go on an hour cleaning frenzy with my daughter tonight if I'm alive enough once it cools off a bit.
My house is not as clean as it should be per my expectation level and my yard/ plants are not getting enough water.
I am just so pregnant and it is SO hot and it annoys me that I am not reaching personal goals.
July 29, 2009 5:25 PM

Karinda-In your underwear huh? Did I ever tell you I hate being copied? Seriously, your house is awesome. Your bedspread had one wrinkle (gasp!) and there was a strand of cobweb I couldn't reach up by your Asian-looking vases. Perhaps you can put me to work when we get our girls together to
text, lol. You're awesome!

Let's hear it for everyone who didn't die.


-Load the dishwasher.

-Scrub the garbage can in the kitchen.

-Empty all smaller wastebaskets.

-Wipe down the kitchen since Quinn is gone.

-Get medieval in their bedroom because they're gone and how many scarves does Reilly need?

-Sweep bathrooms.

-Sweep laundry room.

-Restore all appliances to their original luster.

-Organize old curricula, dispose.

-Blog an amazing blog.

-Go nuts in the front bathroom window/sills/tracks. (Keep getting lazy waiting for the remodel.)

-Make pasta salad.

-Put on clothes before meeting a friend for chai. (Mustn't forget that!)


-Do dishes early before the sun tries to kill you.

-Ditto laundry.

-Fill every ice tray.

-Make iced tea.

-Drink it.

-Put your goddamned hair up.

-Clean computer area. If as many of you are as addicted to facebook as I keep hearing, there ought to be a shitload of clean desks out there.

-Kiddie pool.

-Get a cool rag and do whatever you think is best with it.


It's going to cool down soon, and then watch out bitches!


  1. Whats wrong with shepards pie anyway?! Its only mince beef and mash potato...hmm well ok the real deal is made with mince lamb so technically this version is Cottage Pie. Anyway its nice so ner!

    What a great idea to see all us Moxifans in the post. I personally do read over everyone's comments at the end of the day, since I like to see what everyone else is up to. I'm just nosy!

    Today I see Maurice off on his trip and will spend the day distracting myself with cleaning and movies with the kids after. Our weather isn't so grand, off and on rain, too unpredictable and just not enough to brave going out in just in case. But it is muggy! UUGHH! I hate muggy!

    I'll check back in once I've actually done something...and wow you are up pretty late girl posting this for it being MY thursday morning!
    Get some sleep!!! xxx (Oh and, read my blog. Shameless of me to ask but screw it I don't care...GO READ! hehe)

  2. Morning! I woke up at 4:22 this morning and:
    -opened up as many windows that have screens on them (don't want to openly invite the spiders in, enough find their way in regardless)
    -turned on the dryer to help get some wrinkles out
    -made coffee
    -checked my email and FB while the coffee brewed
    -put some oatmeal in a pot to soak, so that it only takes a couple minutes to cook- less flame time
    -turned on the exhaust fan in the back of the house and closed strategic windows to produce the best air flow
    -emptied dryer, cursed my lack of hangers and ironed 4 pairs of slacks
    -sauteed some brown rice and put it in my crockpot to cook outside, to eat for lunch and/or dinner in lettuce wraps. Genius, I know.
    -opened new windows & moved fans to scare out more pockets of warm air
    -started dishes
    -sat down with some coffee and oatmeal to browse Moxieclean
    -am headed back to finish the dishes shortly.

    After this, as the temperature in my house pushes toward 90°, I'm not doing a damn thing.

  3. I am mildly disappointed that I didn't meet my goals yesterday. The shopping too WAY longer than I anticipated. I'm not sure what I was thinking with four kids and bumper to bumper tourist traffic. . .URGH!

    So today I will do things a little differently; I will do my work and then post my accomplishments. Wish me luck!!

  4. Planning to at LEAST do dishes. Seriously, my dining room table is completely covered, and we have NO clean forks.

    Other than that, it's going to be a big day of distracting the toddler (I've started nursing only on a schedule so that she's no longer nursing like a newborn - seriously, three hours between sessions is not a long time) and waiting for my mama who was due yesterday to call me.

    But it's still only about 70 on my porch! Today may be tolerable after all.

  5. I did a ton of work last night after it cooled off and then went to spend the night at a friend's house (A/C). This morning all that left me with was breakfast dishes, taking out the trash and recycling, and making the bed. Yay! I got a call from a co-worker saying that our new cubicles had arrived and were now set up - did I want to come in and set up my office? So I got about 2/3 of that done before leaving at 5:45. Now if tomorrow would just cool down a little maybe I could tackle the lawn. Ugh.

  6. um, the only thing i accomplished today was the disposing of greasy sunglasses and their owner.

    but really, i:
    bleached my toilet
    picked up 3495839 toys throughout the day
    loaded/unloaded the dishwasher

    that's it. ugh. my house is so gross, lol.

  7. Mesina-I believe in the fine print you will find something about never defending minced any kind of meat, lest risk being shunned. I will read your blog, it just moved from 435 to 415 on my list for tonight!

    So Sam-You stayed up at 4:22am? Are you copying me? Didn't I make my feelings on that clear? Anyway, I was in love with your Little House on the Prairiemeets psycho Martha Stewart insomniac. But shit, you got so much done, maybe you've found the light! In the dark! Lol. I cannot believe you ironed. And putting the crockpot outside. Genius. You're my favourite today. And when was the last time you didn't do "a damn thing?" In utero?

    Dawna-One word: You have four motherf-ing kids! I know I can count on you.

    Katie-Hope your fork-tastrophe was resolved. Settling into new baby routines is very time-consuming. Good luck. :)

    Susannah-Sounds like you're right on track. If that's all you had left to, you're doing fab. But, the lawn? This, I don' know.

    Debe-My eyes haven't scanned one word and I'm dying. Scythe. Okay, let's try. Uh, I'm already in trouble, 3495839 apparently puts me into cardiac arrest. I lurve people who "over" exaggerate.

    But yeah, your house is a fucking cesspool. I don't know what was worse, all the open space, the clean carpet, the glistening counters, the pump soap in the bathroom, the other pump soap in the bathroom, or the two Sappo Hill oatmeal honey soaps in the bathroom? You brand new suede couches are disgusting (I planted a surprise deep in the cushion), and when that single puffed rice wasabi thing fell on the floor I almost had to vomit.

    Shut the fuck up. You're never coming over. I am seriously impressed/jealous/hateful. :)

  8. Oh, there is no housecleaning light to be found for me! I was desperate. It was either get up before dawn or send my husband to work in dirty wrinkled clothes and not feed my kids all day.