Friday, July 31, 2009

TGI Cooler...

Temps are dropping my lovely lizards. Time to emerge from those rocks and caves and tour the wreckage that results after a few days off, not that they weren't well deserved.

I kept things pretty clean, though I confess to letting a basket of laundry sit for 24 hours. That was weird, like, "Is this a new piece of furniture? A sculpture perhaps? It's been here forever." I've been getting my bursts at night, probably in keeping with Mesina time for when I crack completely and arrive unannounced at her door exclaiming, "It's a girl!"

But the clutter was sent by satan himself. Broken pieces of media cards (SCREAM!), one leg off the keyboard (louder SCREAM!), everybody's books, watches, iPods, lists (which are charming when I write them but now my kids do so. "Wake me up at 7:00 for a Dr. Who marathon, love Quinn," or "Remind Reilly to check sweepstakes to save the wolves." It's clutter.

Okay so Today, Friday, depending on whether we're in Sam's time zone, Mesina's, my circular, all-time-is-any-time zone, or y'all's zone, this is what I plan to boast:

-Hang the magnificent, glorious world map I scored, and find a place for the US map.

-Organize cd/dvd binders (yes it's a real thing).

-Make kids' chore lists, with extra chores because it's allowance day! Ha!

-Check, no kidding, 67 disks of unknown content so as to clear off my computer desk.

-Put clothes away.

-Give my laundry room some serious TLC. Like hands and knees and shit.

-Paint Reilly's nails. Again. Busy kid chips it off like a mo'fo.

-Threaten to beat Todd to death with his guitar magazines if he doesn't move them off my clean, serene, bookshelf.

-Find the awesome Pier 1 woven magazine rack for the front bathroom.

-Say "fuck you" to the front bathroom every time I see it, for not being remodeled yet.

-Scrub tension rod.

Straighten everything and be satisfied because I have 49349423493 places to be tomorrow. Beat that Debe!


-Dishes. All of them. Washed, put away.

-Laundry, wake up at 4:22am to get it started but I forbid anyone to iron! (Sam's hubby has to have ironed slacks, I'm teasing her.)

-Let kids run in the sprinkler or get in the kiddie pool so when they come in you can turn into a ghoul and order them around.

-Keep ice trays full.

-Take a damp cloth and spend 10 minutes doing whatever you can throughout the house.

-Find someone to give you high-five.

-For you outdoor types, go trim, whack, prune, clip, or water something.

-For non-outdoor types, high five moi, and laugh at the people outside.

-Whatever else you can, you're a creative lot. :)


  1. Yesterday was a very random energy day for me.

    I am so far from being a morning person that it's not even funny. I typically am very slow starting. Yesterday, however, I did my usual morning computer routine,
    -ran for ten minutes
    -worked on laundry
    -cleaned the kitchen
    -vacuumed and cleaned upstairs living room
    -went through and organized some stuff in the garage in the process of accessing something out of reach
    -brought said "out of reach" item inside, cleaned it, and covered it-voila! End table!
    -vacuumed fireplace room, downstairs living room, hallway
    -applied dark color of faux finishing to bathroom walls downstairs
    -cleaned up the paint mess, including stray paint. (I would rather clean things, than mask before painting, lol!)

    Today?. . .
    I'm taking the kids to Tigard to visit grandma, grandpa, and auntie and go for a swim!
    Anything else will be a bonus!

  2. shit. so the cretin left and i feel like i am being forced by jesus himself to do something with that bedroom. i don't even want to go in there, i'm sure the smell alone will knock me on my ass. so THAT is on the agenda today. nothing more, nothing less.

    if you don't hear from me for a week call 911 or cps or dr. phil...

  3. I'm so ready to clean today. My early morning cleaning plans were foiled, though, by having to head out to see a friend for a bit, but as soon as the baby is down for a nap I'm attacking this place. The big kids are gone, so I will not have the millions of interruptions for juice or have to break up a fight. I'm optimistic and may even have some time for crafting. Enjoy the cool weather!


  4. I had a very productive day, mostly inspired by the fact that I have guests coming this evening!! EEEEK!

    So the entire house got a make over in a fashion known as the ''F-ING CLEAN EVERY F-ING THING BEFORE THEY ALL DISOWN ME!!! AAAACK!!'' which pretty much means my ass gets down and dirty like a drill sergeant and I start barking orders and anyone with two legs to stand on to do something. Anything. And if no one can possibly muster up the same determination as me I flash a look so evil that they best just stay the freak outta my way so I can do it myself.

    And yeah, in true Mesina style I bleached the friggin bathtub just in case my guests want to soak a while over some champagne and candles in my bath. Cos Im badass like that.

    So everything, floors, counters, dishes, laundry (cos I did it all and suddenly there's two loads?! wtf?!) vaccumed, sprayed down the staircase carpet with Vanish, cleaned the toilets, bathroom sinks, picked up crap and confetti from the dogs (they love mail), cursed at toys, glared at children who dared cross my pathway and had chats about it being just as unlucky as a black cat crossing their paths and basically cleaned anything I could see. Whew. Im whacked.

    Oh and yesterday I did actually manage to sort out the kids clothes! DAMN! POW! Im working tomorrow and Im not cleaning a goddamn thing.

  5. -Laundry is started
    -1/2 of the house is vacuumed
    -Dishes are on dd's to do list for today
    -I *should* do the wet rag thing, seeing some surfaces in need, for sure!
    -I REALLY wanna go mow the back lawn (I mean jungle) but am debating how badly I want it mowed. By the time the dew is dry, it's too hot to breathe...especially if you are 40 wks pregnant. WAIT!!! Maybe it will help start labor, OK lawn here I come!!!!!!

  6. Did dishes. Laundry is done and waiting in washer until dawn so I can see well enough to use my "clothesline" outside without killing myself in the process.
    Got myself and Keagan each to a doctor appointment on time.
    Got high fives (and lots of kisses) from my little monster boy.

    Karinda - did you attempt the lawn? How goes it?

  7. Dawna-Ran + four kids + refinishing furniture kind of = I hate you. But in truth, you are amazing. I still can't over how wonderful you look and what a fantastic mama you are. Way to put that random energy to use.

    Debe-You still believe in Jesus after all that, lol? But seriously, you needed a day to recover and not set the house on fire. Also, I can't go twelve seconds without hearing from you so that had better be an empty threat.

    Mama-If you clean and craft with kids you also earn my ire as well as accolades. No, you rock!

    Mesina-OMG how did you go into frantic imminent friends' arrival mode while calmly chatting with me? Are you a sorceress? Also, who the fuck takes a bath at your house? That creeps me out, though the sparkling tub makes me smile, as does everything you say, especially cursing at the toys. But, were you already in your granny undies letting your leg hair fly? Wait. Don't tell me. Talk to you today/tomorrow/yesterday, what the fuck ever, lol.

    Karinda-Whoa. Slow down. Great job keeping things maintained but go easy on yourself. As for mowing, I am so chagrined to hear of women mowing, lol. But, it depends on whether or not you want that baby out tonight. I love Kyla.

    Susannah-I love jokes about killing oneslef and I will not apologize for it. It's one of my best bits. I heart high fives from sweet boys. Tell him we have new vitamins.

    Damn, you guys took the cake and pushed my head into it. I cleaned furiously, thinking it was Saturday, then got a call from my beloved Mesina, to whom I said, "Um, like, can you call back in five minutes so I can take a shower (because the universe revolves around me)?" Cause damn it to hell if that woman doesn't call at 9:28 when she tells you 9:30!

    Then while en route to help a friend dying of clutter, I stopped at another friend's where my Jeep proceeded to die, while my phone melted on the dash, and Todd's Jeep is in Portland. So I didn't help friend #2, but I did cry and almost die, and I did clean after I got home and stripped my clothes off and rocked in the fetal position.

    Alas, tomorrow is Saturday, and I will be throwing cake all over you bitches. :)

  8. Dawna-get*

    Karinda-I mean chagrined because I don't mow.