Monday, July 13, 2009

Merciful Monday

Given that y'all hate cleaning to begin with, which is why we're here, I certainly couldn't compete with the fairs (Marion Co. and Oregon Country) nor the picking of the cherries. And that storm yesterday seemed to have derived its furious energy from each and every mama and Jacob I know. Dang. Everyone, collectively, moved one inch I think, except Bethany, who was all Grapes of Wrath, picking 37 lbs. of cherries!

I was able to enjoy my clean house, during my intermittent periods of awakeness (was busy fueling that storm), but today it's back to the grind.

I awoke to these squalling needs:

-One load of laundry threatening to become eight.

-A rash of new nicks in the kitchen linoleum that I attacked ferociously, one at a time, realizing of course, nicks can't be cleaned. Plus I'm really big to be on the floor for no reason. So I wiped it with a lemon Kirk.

-Pills/shake/wipe down counter, loathe butter (not dish, but...) container. I have got to figure out a better system.

-Made beds/changed sheets.

-Put away clothes.

-Wrangle Reilly into a proper shower.


-Make/enforce kids' chore lists.

-Wrangle Reilly into a proper shower.

-Clear off/wipe down dining room table.


-Crawl back into the kids' room and finish what I started.

-Wipe down back vanity.

-Re-stock the groceries Todd brought home because his way makes me a little bit crazy in the way that doesn't make me seem like an ungrateful bitch.

-Sweep entryways.

-General wipe down/de-clutter.


-Wipe down all mirrors.

-Change sheets/make beds as needed.

-Ten minute clean-up in each room; living room, kids' rooms, your room, bathroom(s), using two Kirkland wipes each, dining room. At most you will see a huge difference and feel 85% better in under an hour.

Today's song is Murder on the Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. It's available only on You Tube, but crank it up!


  1. Had to peel myself from watching Sophie on You Tube..(not a bad song either) and finish getting down and dirty.

    I just sent photos of my adventures today, but seriously.. that one of my fat ass needs to be just between us ~k~.

    Off to go look up some of Eddie's favorite words in the dictionary so I can be a sweet tease for him when he gets home from work. You wouldn't believe how many ways that man has figured out how to work the word 'masticate' into a conversation. It's a battle that I don't mind losing, most days.

    Not giving up on the cleaning battle today, but must finish some orders AND actually venture out to the Post Office.

    I can't find my toothpicks to clean my Dyson, Cheyenne... Do you have any other suggestions? I'm guessing that I could use one of those yellow things you stick in the end of a corn-cob.

    Amy (DB)

  2. Alright! I promised that I'd do some hardcore ass kicking on the house Aaaaaaaand...I did a bit :D

    -Mr Dyson and I had some quality time today, got the downstairs gleaming after his little rampage
    -Got the kitchen tidied up, lose papers put in a bag to sort out later, omg the amount of mail scattered across the kitchen was eyeopening!
    -a general sweep through the livingroom, glaring at anything that didn't belong on the tables and floors (the kids are no longer allowed to own toys.....omg)
    -a few bits of laundry done, although tomorrow I hack at it in hopes of actually seeing clothes I used to own
    -half assed job in the bathrooms, again tomorrow we go the full monty and get it all scrubbed but at least my toilets are no longer germ infested dumpsites
    -I found the grocery store I'd been meaning to more locally so I went and did some shopping after whisking Maurice lunch at work.

    Tomorrow I finish up those jobs plus get into our bedroom which more closely resembles a bag lady heaven, with clothes threatening to take over the universe in there. I'm also planning on getting some mopping done and once again de-puppying that diningroom which everyday smells just like wet dog..I HATE that smell - its just from the time I have to shut her in there when I pop off to the store. She does nothing in there but think really smelly thoughts when I'm gone I swear it! xx

  3. I facebooked my morning list, but I just wanted to say that this morning's post was particularly rocking. I liked your suggestions, and I will update later.

  4. Amy-Mystery solved! Maybe I don't have a soaring fever. One email, one comment, renders ailing mind very confused. Please disregard the email I sent. So you vacuumed all 345 beds, including top bunks (I saw nary a fat ass, btw, and have no idea what you're talking about), fell in love with Sophie, emailed me words so kind I hoisted my collapsing body into the computer chair to answer, cleaned the vacuum, er, Mr. Dyson (I keep hearing "Mr. Darcy."), looked up words in the dictionary, went to the post office, and did not go the least bit insane? Damn girl, you good!

    Mesina-What is with this lackluster return? "General sweep," "Half assed job," "...bits of laundry?" You did redeem yourself somewhat with your reference to your puppy "thinking really smelly thoughts," lol. But I've grown accustomed to your descriptions making me sweat. Luckily for you, I'm already sweating, thanks to my handy dandy fever, but I'm watchin' you!

    Bethany-You are obviously out to steal my crown! It just so happens I may be abdicating. I'll keep you posted. But you're doing amazing. Very chocolate worthy.

    I myself got sick. Son of a bitch. This never happens, so I am always beside myself to discover weakness, fever, excessive sleep, and just how pitiful I can sound when I cry for tea from the couch.

    I woke up at 5pm, essentially. I was so frustrated by my lack of strength I picked a fight with Quinn and took his hat away for a week. I managed a shower, somehow, and I am stupefied to discover that the dishes are all done, three loads of laundry done, floors swept, counters cleared, most of a 2 liter bottle of diet, no-caffeine, no-carb, no-sugar, no-fun Pepsi gone, and am amazed to be typing at all. I bow to you all.

  5. I promise my return was far from lackluster, as today I have totally redeemed my every half assed effort from yesterday... but yesterday I barely sat down and was mostly in my car managing only those half done jobs while I was home. Thankfully I at least got something done. But Im totally not posting today's efforts until Tuesday comes up on the blog..IM NOT DOING IT!! lol...the suspense is killing you I can feel it from here. Ner ner!!! xx