Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slammin' Saturday!

I gave you guys the choice of a cop-out-ish weekend or getting down and dirty in preparation for the impending heat wave. Jennifer, won by a vote of one. Get ready to rumble with your scary abode.

This morning, I am manic and moving, having already:

-Put all my clothes away.

-Cleaning every crevice of the bathroom.

-Make chore lists.

-Made beds.

-Wiped down lamps and fixtures, and gave reinforcement swipes to several sections of baseboard.

-Scrubbed down washer and dryer.

-Found a place for board games, which will require clearing, and thus enable me to slaughter, er, organize school shelf.

-Consolidated media notebooks.

-Cleaned mirrors.


-Vacuum my Jeep.

-Finish school shelf and/or call 911.

-Change all sheets/remake beds.

-Enforce a strictly minimalist philosophy in my kids' room. I've had it!

-Round up garage sale sh-- er, treasures.

-Organize iTunes (yes it counts).

-Throw sentiment to the wind in favour of closet space.



-LAUNDRY. Folded, and put away.

-Windows, at least the easy ones, inside, bonus for outside.

-Clear, wipe down dining room table, vacuum floor underneath, maybe add some flowers.

-Wipe down your kitchen, including floors, refrigerator, microwave, stove top, cupboard faces, hinges, etc. Get in the corners of the floors. Toss three things from refrigerator. Remove all entrails and/or fish heads from freezer. (Oh wait, that was me.)

-Cobweb check.

-Kid toys in kids' room(s). Do a five minute sweep in there.

-Clean and vacuum your car.

-Dust your tv, dvd player, and computer.

-Remove needless shit off of your refrigerator.

-Clean master bedroom. Clothes, towels, dishes, etc.

-Walk into your entryway and do what needs to be done.

Get it? Got it? Good!



  1. Well, I'm working this weekend (as always) and I don't even have to cook tonight! HA! My super awesome ever so sexy man is going to cook Bami tonight, a Dutch dish with indonesian spices. oooh it's so yummy! Tastes even better when someone else has cooked it! :D

    So my cleaning list will have to wait till Monday. Of course I will round up the troops to contribute to keeping the place sane until then. Tahira will have to get on board with dishes as I cannot stand a dirty kitchen to wake up to tomorrow. Grrrr....

    Other than that, have yourselves a fab weekend! xx

  2. I keep apologizing for falling off the wagon, but I think the whole train left without me. I just get by, doing what I do.

    I still read your blog, for inspiration. I can't keep up though.

  3. Mesina-I love your effusive comments even when you're not cleaning. I know Mondays are your big day, and I'm always eager to see your lists and hilarious descriptions.

    Sam-This train does U-turns, and it's okay to sit in the dining car. Few could even get by in your situation, you are amazing. Everything else can wait.

  4. Damn, this *was* a Manic Saturday! I've got the last load of laundry drying right now. Other than that the only thing not done is cleaning the car. It is too damn hot to be out there!

    My additions to the list today:
    Go through all books on bookshelf and get rid of ones we won't read agaian.
    Completely clean out refrigerator and freezer(s). I loathe that chore.
    And I used a toothbrush that should have left this household three months ago along with the previous owner to scrub clean the in-floor heater vents.

    Yay for a clean house :)

  5. Susannah-Total pass on the car, good job on everything else. Loved the toothbrush jab, maybe you should return it to its original owner...

  6. I thought about that but it might be too mean. Just maybe :)