Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stick With it Saturday

I refuse to succumb to paranoid delusions of mass rebellion, of each of you with heaps of tipping dishes, crumbs on the floor, hand prints on the windows, dishes in the living room, and pasta sauce boiled onto the stove top. No, I will not envision it! You're just too busy to check in, that is totally reasonable. Perchance some of you are even too busy to clean, which is only okay if you're Sam or moving or in active labour.

So where oh where have my Moxlings gone? I've noticed a few blogs lately wherein people are reporting their progress there, which is cool. I just want to know what is the most helpful to those of you seeking motivating on Moxieclean. Seriously, that's all. I just want to tear the scary mask off cleaning and assure you guys, each day, that you can kick its ass.

Yesterday was nuts. My daughter was gone and my son was feeling ragged enough to warrant tv in the daytime (typically forbidden) so I scrawled out a furious list and went at it, catching spontaneous things as I went. On top of my scheduled tasks, I made cleaning compilations for a few friends, a bracelet for another friend's baby, wiped the lower computer speakers, the power strip, and all 8,000 cords that stream out of it, as well as the keyboard, organized games, washed throw rugs, and made good on my promise to catch up on laundry. OMG I also liberated the four sad, dusty three-tiered skirt hangers from some witness protection program in my closet, and wiped them off and actually consolidated my nine skirts (I have nine skirts?), leaving me with, you guessed it, NINE hangers! Man, what a coup. Now I just need a mint julep and a pedicure and I'm set.

Before we delve into manic Saturday, I will say that the dynamic of my Saturdays has shifted somewhat. I used to bust out two weeks' worth of cleaning in four hours because I had a standing date, and I could leave my home gleaming, with no guilt. As things go, sometimes people accidentally tell you they love you when they actually hate you, so you find out some other way, and you put an immediate stop to your Saturday nights. But don't cry for me Argentina, because I have other people with whom to spend Saturdays, I just don't have to be in quite as much of a hurry now because I'm not, you know, in love with them. Sometimes I even pick up slack or invent utterly useless tasks like arranging my pens in order of height (in a cup--yeah, it doesn't work) on Sundays. Regardless, I wake up every Saturday ready to pull some Kill Bill action on my house (minus getting shot in the head).

Sorry this turned into an actual blog. You're not reading anyway, so what the hell right? Thus far, the most effective agent in assisting the cleaning of others' homes is to text specific, timed orders, and to go over there and scrub, fold, whatever. I'm always up for getting down and dirty, and most of you have my number.

Here's my list:

There are 22 things on this list. Do ten.

Door number two is to have all 22 things done by Sunday night.

Let's make a deal!


  1. As a Moxiling who totally went MIA on your ass, I am reporting in! I didn't go MIA down to the blog failing me, but rather that my week went all manic and I never got to even peek at the PC down to some weirdo teenager totally ninjaing it. The other side....I was so not home all week that I'm afraid to even look at my house! I've kept up on the basics, but no laundry was seriously done (just the odd load) no floor seriously scrubbed, just lightly vaccumed and spot mopped and the counters were wiped with spray as quickly as I manage looking at myself in the mirror in the morning. I am hating myself and my damn house hates me. However Saturday cannot be a manic clean down to my working so much vow will be to kick some hardcore ass on it come Monday morning and report back here with my list of shit kicking.
    Keep the blog going and fear not! For when the sun is shining it seems we all venture outside for a while. ♥

  2. Ok. Ok. Today is a cleaning day at long last. This past week we've been busy! ugh.

    But of course, I woke up with my head feeling like I'm underwater. Or perhaps I have an errant brick in there. I don't know, but I'm finding it really difficult to hold it up. :(

    Can I take a nap first? (wish I was just kidding)

  3. I've been MIA b/c I can't stand posting (or myself really) when I'm not doing anything. However, yesterday = 3 loads of laundry, bathroom sparkling (we even washed the walls :)), playroom passable, two loads of dishwasher, and I see a glimmer at the end of a long tunnel of a dark week.

    This morning, Tavy and I have: restored a dog to its rightful owner, did dishes, made coffee for today's road trip, showered (together! such fun!), and cleared counters.

    Today I want to:
    2 loads of laundry or bust
    do my paid work
    go to Gates to see Susan's booth!
    Pick up our beef at Farmers market (heading there now, if any moxlings want to wave hi)

    And that is all :)

  4. Oh and to toot my toddler's horn, my blog has a cute line by line account of cleaning the playroom yesterday. She seriously rocks. Later on yesterday I told her pick up all the clothes from the family room floor while I changed the laundry out, and she DID IT. A neat pile of clothes came over the baby gate and the floor was clean :) I love my little future Cheyenne :)

  5. Mesina-Just for saying "my house hates me," and "shit kicking," plus knowing what I know of your fearsome cleaning sprees, I have total faith in you.

    Sam-None of the bricks in your head are errant, they're all perfectly placed, though I will grant you they must get heavy. Sometimes a nap first will rocket you into action afterward, I'm all for it.

    Bethany-I will never believe that you aren't doing anything, so you can cease and desist with such self-deprecating hyperbole. Sounds like you did one hell of a lot. Were you being serious about the joys of showering together? I can just imagine Tavy instructing you on which hairs to shampoo first, lol. Did that floor get its comeuppance?

    Um, unlimited Moxie points for the little Cheyenne reference. That's right, I have an ego!