Saturday, August 22, 2009

Manic Mama Saturday

In honour of Karinda's birth heard round the world, I thought we'd focus on kid-centric tasks, which often get swallowed up by more glaring heaps and debris.

Here are some of the torture my pretty-rad kids inflict on me regularly, which I hope to address today:

-Reilly's penchant for collecting and saving every morsel of animal, mineral, or vegetable for her entire life, including a family of toothpicks. This leads to utter chaos in their shared bedroom and Quinn is relegated to one solitary shelf:

The storage issue is huge, in that it's miniscule. Their room is like two square feet so it takes magic to make it bearable. We use ingenious space-saving items like this, only I just noticed the third section down is empty! Ha! Not for long:

-I hope to weed out their coats and jackets, since they both tend to accumulate 75 each winter and wear one until it's threadbare and humiliating.

-I would also like to separate casual reading books from textbooks and required reading.

-Repaint everyone's nails.

-Stop for a movie with my mom.


-Pass the coveted torch of hands and knees merriment to Reilly, since she is 700 feet shorter than I.

-Ask Quinn to make the top bunk something less painful to my retinas.

-Have Quinn scrub down the toilets.

-Let them get their ridiculously over-caffeinated $5.00 treats at Starbucks.

-Have them decorate and assemble their new notebooks for school, sharpen Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils, pretend it's about them.

-Play Scrabble Slam.

-Remind them that they are just as precious today as they were the first time I saw their tiny faces. It goes by so quickly. Slow down!

Hug your babies, hug them again, and make today all about them, with a side of cleaning. (It's good for them!)

Baby Quinn, 59 Levi sizes ago:

Baby Reilly, already dubbed, "The Big Boss."


  1. omg....the baby pics are making me want to speed up the bump on my front and feel baby kicks! If this was my first I'd just want the baby here already but, being I've been here 3 times before, I just want to enjoy having my insides bashed on and bruised. ♥

    I love your tasks for today! kids are gone for 2 weeks and I've just put in an 8 hour day for work. Now Im mentally exhausted. BUT! My man is totally making me Bami for dinner! I have to marry him!

    After I elope with you Chey ♥♥♥

  2. omg, those are the second cutest baby/kid photos i have ever seen ;) seriously precious. so glad they have grown into chore-doing kids. i think today will be mellow around here, sounds like you have a good mix of chores and fun - enjoy!
    **my security word for posting this is loot hump**

  3. Mesina-You made my year by eloping with me before you marry those lips, er, Maurice. I'm in love with you both. Clean schmean, you're growing our baby.

    Gail-I like to loot hump after a bit of vodka. The house will be there tomorrow--or will it? Thank you for gushing about my babies. I still eat them everyday.

    I woke up having to pee so badly my kidneys were filing an injunction to become emancipated, and yet, before I could go I loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed the floor, emptied all garbages, straightened the shoe rack after getting rid seven pairs at the swap yesterday, swept the laundry room, made all beds, wiped down the kitchen, and then collapsed in the bathroom, where I peed long enough to repaint.

    I also folded the laundry, put everything away, dusted, cleared paperwork, blogged, wiped down the kids' computer, straightened the living room and endured the torture of The Time Traveler's Wife with my mom, Reilly, and Debe. Do not see it. You'd rather clean your toilet.

    Applause to you guys, for doing essentially nothing, except posting, which is um, the whole point. <3<3