Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe Monday

Yesterday was like a patchwork quilt of cleaning successes. A counter here, bleached sink there, shoe rack organized there, etc.

I always awake on Sundays relishing the sparkle of my manic cleaning Saturdays, and typically poke around doing more obscure things, like test 8937283955 pens to see if they work, while Todd pretends he's watching Spongebob with the kids (wink). But since he's been off, Sundays have become the bane of my existence. As soon as I get my groove, he concocts some surreptitious plan and suddenly announces that he and the kids are leaving. I know you all dream of this, and I appreciate it for their sakes, but I abhor being alone in my house, because I am tormented by the temptation to knock a wall or watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Ew right? Can we still be friends?

Today I sorely need to tackle my car, as the console has become a cross between a salon and a desk, and the glove compartment is like a wilderness survival kit, assuming there's vanity in the wilderness. Ick.

I would also like to get into the crevices of the carpets again, and wash more walls.

Some de-cluttering, rezoning, regretting. And then play group. Debe your ass had better be there.

To borrow from myself, how about of you guys:

-Kept L & D under control.

-Wipe down toilets.

-Empty all wastebaskets.

-Clean out your car. Organize cds, weed out your hair clips, pens, receipts, notes, DS games, rubber bands, everything. Tiny caddies are amazing and I highly recommend them but if that is too much, just thin it all out. Same with the glove compartment. A brush is okay, your Oil Can Henry receipt from 2001 is not. Now wipe down the inside, make sure you have wiper fluid, check lights, clean out all the shit, remove car seats, dump, shake, pound, strip, wash the whole shebang. Vacuum the rest out, this will thrill you to no end. Maybe hit the $3.00 car wash later.

That's it. I'm thinking aside from the basics, if we focus on one task there is a greater likelihood of success. Try it. And let me know. :)


  1. I am supposed to be working today but some jerkwad didn't put my rota up. So, in a bid to be productive I have the following:

    ☺ I harrassed the council for some answers on the ''are you gonna fucking help me with my kids school crap or wot?''. The lady who runs the homeschooling section is calling me tomorrow. We may be given a tutor since they aren't sure any schools local enough to me have places. I am going to add that I got this far only after being passed to 4 different departments, most of whom wouldnt even let me finish my sentence before transferring me to the ''right'' dept. and then put me onto a guy who attempted to transfer me again but who disconnected me. So now I ask you, what the fuck qualifiactions do you need to work for the local council? apparently you must simply own a dog...nothing more. Fuckers.
    ☺ Put on my happy face :)
    ☺ Vacum and mop floors, since if I don't see my face when I look down I will hurl monkeys.
    ☺ Hurl monkeys...seriously the nausea has set in and everything looks disgusting. But I am forced to eat else it gets worse.
    ☺ Grow a human - hey the baby has a heartbeat now I can officially grow it some limbs! WHOO HOO!
    ☺ oh yeah, clean the kitchen. My awesome daughter did most of it last night, now its just breakfast dishes and counter swipes. *flex*
    ☺ Say fart on your blog....cos, you can't come over and smack me for it. HA! ner!
    ☺ Beg for your forgiveness - Love you really ♥
    ☺ Laundry. SonOfABitch.

    That's it. I will also have a nap today cos I can and spend some time with my eldest girl - just the two of us home today!!! xx

  2. Mesina-How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count Thy Ways:
    At the risk of revealing that my British sensibilities are wholly fradulent, what the hell is a rota? Rotary phone? I think as tutor is the prefect starting point, for the reasons I pointed out on the phone, that is, if any of the douche bags will actually help you. Oy. Heartbeat, WHAT??? I thought we were still in holding-the-pee-stick shock and awe phsae? OMG! I've got to naming him. No random Dutch shit I can't pronounce though. (Sorry Maurice, love your lips, er, I love you!) Yea for Tahira doing the dishes. I <3 kids cleaning. Thanks for defiling my blog with your rebellious need to embarrass me. I see couple's counseling in our future.

    SonOfABitch is right. Someone is sleepwalking around here and putting clothes in the sorter. I see the bottom every single day, and four ourtfits should not warrant a load a day.

    Have a great day with Tahira, try to explain why I will be moving in (I'll bring her an iPod or soemthing to sweeten the deal.)

  3. OMG if there were any more typos here you'd think I had cerebral palsy. Christ. You all know I'm smart, though, which in some ways makes it better and in other ways, worse. Deal, because I am not re-writing that shit.

  4. If I'm lucky, I'll get yesterday's laundry folded. Otherwise, it's back to survival mode, coping with the toddler who's trying to push out another molar. More dishes done wold be nice, too, before they start making REALLY GROSS smells.

  5. Chey, you're not the only one cursed by typos this morning. Obviously, I meant "would", not "wold".

  6. Typos made me smile!
    The pile of crap to clean up does not.

    Amy (transitioned to Seal Rock)

  7. today is full of fail.

    i bleached my bathroom floor but it still looks like shit

    i folded 4 loads of laundry only to come back from the grocery store to find that sorren decided to completely cover our bedroom floor with said clothes

    i cleaned the kitchen then destroyed it 5 minutes later while making fifteen dozen cupcakes

    i bathed sorren then he immediately went outside and fell into the bog of eternal stench

    and it's only 2pm. i quit.

  8. I've done two loads of laundry and dishes, and sadly, that's my only success for the day. I've got a lot of cleaning still to go because I have people coming over tomorrow. Annnnnnnnnnnnd everything Debe said about her toddler = double.

  9. I spent most of my day struggling to focus. :-/

    I did manage to get a couple loads of laundry done and the dishes done. Sadly though, that's about all I can report for today, *sigh*

  10. Debe-Why are you such a hateful lying bicycle messenger? Your house was like Buckingham Palace what more do you want? Plus you made 15 dozen cupcakes, all of which I ate. OMG you're nuts. My only issue with you is wasting 20 gallons of frosting you jerk. Frosting is like currency for me. I hate you and love you the best of all. I will cheat on Mesina with you, while she's cheating on me with Maurice. (What the hell kind of cleaning blog is this?

    Bethany-You're a star. Your pictures are amazing and depending on what time I get in tonight, I will post them all, as well as your brilliant admonishment never to eat indoors again. I am so proud of you. The whole house, such a rush. Hugs. Inasmuch as I don't hug.

    Dawna-Laundry and dishes for a family of six is nothing to minimize. You kick ass. You kick fireplace. You'll bounce back. Take the time you need, really. No guilt here, only support...for those who don't greet me with a mixing bowl full of frosting and water! Ugh.

    My house is clean today. I did have to let a sink full of dishes have its way with my OCD because Quinn has possibly moved out and never unloads the dishwasher before 11pm, lol. I wiped, swiped, swept, Swiffed, did all laundry, hung clothes, decided to switch to loin cloths because I may lovetocleanup but motherfuck. That reminds me I need my bedding to run before I go to sleep at 3am. Good job ladies, yes even you Debe. <3