Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sad Little Sunday

Guys, I am falling down, foaming at the mouth exhausted. I have been a hurricane the past two days and these old bones and brains are fried because shaving off sleep is how we do all the other things. Plus, minor Xanax mishaps, randomly speaking, can ruin your life, as can an accidental purchase of some 70's relic jeans.

Okay, I cannot move nor type. I just sucked an orange and a brown Reese's Piece off the keyboard like an aardvark. That's clean.

Today I must hope for an extended blink before scrubbing every inch of my house before Emily and Big arrive. That's all. Just everything.

My suggestions for you guys:

-How did our bleach load(s) go? I wan to hear success stories to compensate for these bleach elitists.

-Dishes? Got 'em whipped?

-Please take the Reese's away from me.

-Dump your purse and clean it all out.

-Cars anyone?

-Clean surfaces, minimal clutter, use your movements, and MUSIC!

You all have such better attitudes about cleaning than you once did. Obviously I take all the credit. Also, who are you again?



  1. I'm really entertained by your eating habits. Yesterday when I posted about how I did NOTHING, I also thought about posting how many grape tomatoes (approx 20) & avocados (only 1!) I ate. I read today's blog and am thoroughly amused by reese's due to the peanut butter m&m's that reside in my fridge and in my belly.

    I know you had a recent disagreement with an avocado, but I remain completely entertained by your food preferences. I SO wasn't kidding when you came to visit and I'm like sorry there are no grape tomatoes, I keep eating them all. LOL

    Today I will:
    ~Wonder if I can avoid vacuuming one more day by going to get coffee & nail polish w/ C instead...but only if that whole sale thing is true cuz OMG....BOGO!!! Woot!

  2. Karinda-Entertained? Hahahaha! OMG how utterly sad, both my diet, and your life if you find it interesting, lol. "Ooooh, how many packages of Ramen will Cheyenne eat today, and will she eat those tomatoes until she bleeds?" I did wake with the Costco sized bag of Reese's Pieces from last night's BBQ in my hand.

    Yeah as I was telling some friends last night, one under ripe, basically crunchy avocado, will turn you for life.

    Call me baby, I'm here. I will call to confirm the sale before either of us drives 34683475 miles. I just have to say, you are one of the only people from whom I can tolerate "Woot!" Once you've jumped on a trampoline 700 months pregnant, you can so pull off anything...except, apparently, having the baby. :)

  3. Did 30,000 loads of clothing laundry (including diapers) yesterday. Then I said eff it and went to knitting, where the toddler spilled her cereal all over the floor of the coffee shop, and then wandered about charmingly for three hours.

    Today: linens!!! Sheets and towels!! Dining room table. Dishes (which Josh has kindly started some of the uckiest for me, because he loves me). Folding all the clothes I washed yesterday. Making all the beds once the sheets are washed. Oh, and nursing the toddler 5 million times because even though she cut a molar, she's STILL TEETHING!!!!!

    I think that's about all I can handle, apart from getting the chili going in the crock pot before heading to bed, and laying out the stuff that goes into it tomorrow morning before we leave...

  4. Karinda-After horking down a burrito ultimo at Baja Fresh with Debe, I am now slicing my tongue to shreds finishing the chips and guacamole with a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper because I didn't want to dirty a glass. Are you entertained, lol?

    Katie-Anything in the thousands is highly commendable, bravo! Saying 'eff it' is always readily welcomed, and holy shit, you had a toddler in a coffee shop for three hours? What a woman you are!

    I was an epic failure today. Granted my house remained relatively in tact with no one home all weekend, but all I did today was all the laundry, washed, folded, and put away, all the dishes, dusted the computer, as my usage is becoming prolonged, and sweep the back porch. Most notably I allowed Debe inside. She was nice enough not to puke, but I may have to have her killed depending on how delayed her texts become now...

    I also took advantage of Reilly's "self-cleaning child" feature tonight and had Quinn vacuum.

  5. Since I have been the only one home nothing has really been dirtied, so today I concentrated on the outside. I finished the weed whacking (FINALLY!), raked all of the cut grass in piles (approximately a dozen in case anyone is interested), and weeded 1.5 garden beds.

    Shhhh - don't tell my chiropractor!

  6. Your inclusion in your list about having one area calm as therapy wouldn't let me copy and paste...anyway, that's what your grandma Lydie did...she spoke of having just one corner 'done' to maintain her renowned [alleged, but possibly real] innate calm.

    Love, Mom

  7. And it does work, that one done corner.