Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sunday Slackers!

Come ON!!!

If I can clean my house and everyone else's in Salem, you can do some cursory wiping and lie and tell me I've inspired great things and sing Wind Beneath My Wings.

Nah, y'all are wise to soak up your weekends, so I will forge ahead, hoping to sprinkle motivation on you all until you catch the fever.

Yesterday was so manic. I didn't even need coffee, nor the list. I was flying. Cleaning is such a great stress release.

Today I am headed to Evelin's to see if there are any dead bodies in the bath tub, get all that trash out of her life, lest she feel distracted at work on Monday and all hell breaks loose.


-Come home and convince myself that the house did not grow flesh eating virus in one night. (Or any night.)

-Tie up loose ends from all my work yesterday.

-Take Reilly to the god-forsaken track every minute of my life until she is the super track star she aspires to be (I have total faith in her).

-Gather swap shit.

-Further organize school area.

-Vacuum my car. (Evelin's parking lot is ten feet high hay, several acres of which got in my car.)

-Get Todd his own flip flops, as he has ruined all mine. Can't complain though, they're like 99 cents at Old Navy or something.

-Oh, I forgot Quinn's pedicure because he's 21 now and always running off with Israel.

-That may be it. Fold some laundry.


-Dive into those dishes and let Pink keep you going until your kitchen is just as you want it.

-I want everyone seeing the bottoms of their laundry hampers today. Cut everyone down to one outfit a piece if you must. Just so you know, ALL of you hate laundry. Folding can be serenity if you let it and there's a Law & Order: SVU marathon on...

-Hang up all clothes, in every room. PLEASE tell me you all have only white hangers by now, even if you're lying.

-Strip/remake beds.

-Prod, bribe, guilt your kids into getting their shit out of sight.

-Clear your dining table.

-Organize shoes.

-Windex main window.

Call it good. But only if you're doing it, lol. Remember the exchange rate for seconds to happiness is really great.


  1. Ok, nothing to do with cleaning, but I thought you'd get a kick out of my idea anyway...

    I told two of my main support people the other day that I wanted to listen to Pink throughout labor and totally kick ass at getting baby out. My description was complete with sound effects & movements of how I planned on birthing to Pink and they were laughing their asses off at what a nut I am. :)

  2. OH....
    Also, nesting has inspired 5 or 6 bags of swap stuff and still counting...
    You mentioned a swap, is there one coming up that I missed?

    I love SVU also, but am worried that I've seen every single episode or that I cannot find the very few that I might have missed.
    I will try though as I finished laundry yesterday and still have a load to fold. I am to the point of bleaching with at least the towels because of this disgustingly foul hard water. I can't bleach my clothes as there is no way I can afford to buy new ones if they get bleach spots, but I am enraged as I swear our laundry smells better going in than it does coming out with this damnable hard water!

    Dear Goddess of Cleaning, Do you have a hard water solution?

  3. I find Pink pretty kick-ass myself. Moxie, you are definitely the "wind beneath my wings". I find myself many times a day thinking, "what would moxie do?" when overwhelmed with a particular task. All I can say is that your friends are damn lucky to have you.


  4. Oh Karinda-I just want to come and yank the baby out, you know, in love. Labouring to Pink is the baddest-ass idea in the world, and I love getting getting to know the feistier and feistier you (except wash cloths--we'll just settled for a detente). I'm not laughing, Pink is no joke, you're gonna do great, and it sounds like any time now. Let me know if you need help feeling like your nest is dinosaur-free and otherwise suitable for your Pink-a-thon.

    As for SVU, I'm not an avid tv watcher so there are a few episodes I've missed, and I love to be surprised to catch one wherein Finn's stupid dog turd ponytail is cut off. Sorry if he's the love of your life. If you name your baby Orafin Tutuola I will kidnap it. I lurve me some Mariska, damn.

    Okay down to business: Hard water. I havd had experience with two things: CLR, on occasion, and Iron Out, available at the janatorial supply place, sold in a jug and powder, and you mix it. I get asked this so often. It's a hit or amiss too, depending upon the specific minerals I suppose, but Iron Out is worth a shot. Not sure about laundry because you don't want to risk the solvent damaging our clothes. I'm an excellent bleacher, never had an accident, but we must get that laundry smelling fresher so you don't have a psychotic break, especially with your little Pink lady on the way. (Sorry, just watched Grease last night.)

    I will look into it. Does Tami have hard water too? Dang I'd judt bring it home and do it.

    We'll figure something out. Soon I'm going to my doctor's house to clean up after her drunken soiree during which I happened to notice every spill, errant fork, sticky spot, and hard water stain. I will be toting my CLR.

    Amy-Dang, I got so caught up in sarcasm with Karinda that your post made my eyes sting. Thank you kindly ma'am. It was a joke but what wonderful words to read. I love my friends, and never want cleaning to be a source of unhappiness for them, and I like to help. I'm really glad you enjoy the blog. How's Lanai Loop?

  5. Karinda-I'm sorry for the sudden sudden onset of Tourette syndrome which forced me to repeat repeat everything I said said. I guess I get a little excited about Pink. (Pink Pink Pink Pink Pink.)