Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankfully Thursday

Please excuse my tardiness. Last night I went out to get a sandwich and ended up barricaded in the parking lot, along with ten or so other cars, by police who were tending to a fatal crash. Somehow being twenty feet away from body bags made it impossible to eat my sandwich. In fact, I had to come home and take a sedative.

I know it seems lame, but having no choice but to sit so close to, and absorb the loss of life, kind of makes cleaning seem irrelevant, at least for today.

Instead, hug and kiss your kids all day, let them watch extra tv, and have one more popsicle. Life is so fleeting, damn.

I'm sure we all have things which must get done today, just don't worry about doing extra. The clutter will wait, this day with your kids cannot.



  1. Those of us who are almost 42 wk pg, exhausted, can barely sleep anymore, and took the kids out to dinner last night rather than walk in the kitchen cuz I'm just that done...
    Thank You.


    Have a good day, be sure to take your own advice!

  2. So sorry about your day. That sounds pretty hellish. Thanks for the reprieve, but I'm hosting book group tonight and the house has to sparkle or no one will be allowed in.


  3. I too have people coming, but I will do my best to be sure that I am less clean driven and more momma driven today.

    {hugs} to you.

    Oh, and by the way, I'd be more than happy to share pics of my home, but only when it's photo presentable! ;-)

  4. Damn, the one day I ease up and everyone's hosting the Royal fucking Family! Fine, get your asses in gear and scrub til you bleed! Except Karinda who has the decency to be 95 weeks pregnant and has no choice but to take it easy.

    The A+ goes to Karinda!

  5. I worked on maintenance stuff until Keagan got home around noon and then we played :)
    Didn't get the damn cake made though - crap! My days are numbered. What am I thinking?