Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrashing Thursday

Everything I did yesterday was by rote, so I have no enchanting tales to tell. I will, however, be blogging a most surreal experience I had on Brilliant Monster, stand by.

I'm all caught up, save for the overwhelming urge to bulldoze the house in hopes of creating space. I did finally find a caddy for my son's video games that didn't make me puke or cost $1,000. I am exceedingly pleased with myself, see?
Before (shudder, and curse):

After, ahhhhh:

However in scoping out this perfection, I was stopped in my grammar-loving tracks when I saw this:

What the hell is this world coming to when basic possessives are mangled in mass quantities? I recently had to point out to the indifferent chick at Big Town Hero how "Potatoe Soup" is wrong.

I also put ALLLLLLL my clothes away and even screwed up the nerve to take a picture of my underwear drawer because one of my Moxlings who communicates via email cannot believe I only wear black. But now I'm feeling shy so you'll have to take my word for it.

Today I hope to get things tip-top before taking the kids to pizza and revelry with our friends. I need to sweep our laundry room entryway that I know impresses the hell out of everyone and makes them jealous. I also feel like Reilly's one-foot-high aquarium for her 4.5 minnows is taking up the entire house. Triple ugh.

But I'm pretty caught up.


-DL, LD, BS, whatever you wanna call it, get busy.

-It's time to fill up a bag for a swap, donation, burn barrel, whatever. I can feel it.

-Would you let the Obamas use your bathroom?

-Remove unnecessary items from your kitchen counter as you wipe it down.

- Sweep all tile/linoleum.

-Vacuum all carpets.

-Make all beds.

-Caddify the hell out of everything! It's the answer!

-Can you dig it?


  1. Today I am not allowed to overdo it since my lack of sleep last night simply won't allow me to. I have a semi-late night tonight with my meditation girls and thus, will probably be death warmed up tomorrow morning. Ugghhh. However with my recent situation medically being pointed out, the girls have promised not to make it too late...they want me in bed. Bless them. We'll see.

    So! Today I am bustin my buttchops with the laundry - since that doesn't really exhaust you in any way other than mentally. Because I stand there folding it like ''I just fuckin washed this, I swear I folded it yesterday, why is it here again?!'' *insert scream*
    I'm also doing a general sweep through the house so that yesterday's hardwork isn't undone.
    Also going to sit down over a cup of coffee (or something) and make a list of what needs doing before Maurice's parents arrive Saturday - such as get a few bits of the garage, make sure their bedding is freshly washed, etc.
    Whew, Im going to run out of steam soon!! No I won't...must..keep...positive....*BOOM!*

  2. almost spit out my tea when i saw the 'caddy's' sign! did you take out your sharpie and cross out that apostrophe? just think how many people don't even notice...laundry is on my agenda today, maybe some organizing. i really hope the obamas don't stop by to use the facilities.

  3. Man Mesina, I totally feel your laundry "pain", lol!

    C A D D I E S. . .Not that difficult, and yet seeing it wrong makes my eye want to twitch! How is it that our society has come to care so little about the American language as to butcher it publicly. . .EEK!

  4. I'm so exhausted, mentally and phyiscally, and my house is such a mess I honestly don't want to go home. This is going to be one seriously manic weekend at my place!

  5. Everything done but the bathroom (ugh). I spent many many hours outside today working on my backyard so it does not look like a jungle anymore. I am about 70% done back there and it is looking so much nicer! I just wish I could have finised it completely today. Oh well!

  6. Mesina-You make it virtually impossible to feel sorry for your epilepsy when you say "buttchops." All I can think of is you frying your ass up in a pan. If that's what the Brits are doing to you, you need to grab your ass for dear life and get on a fekkin' (to borrow from you) airplane. Maybe your laundry is like Groundhog Day...

    Gail-I LOVE YOU for knowing me that well. Alas, I could not access a Sharpie in this purse if my life (or all the literacy in Salem) depended on it. The Obamas would praise your bathroom. But, I mean, that's awkward.

    Dawna-God I know right? We went to NHS and we gleaned that much? Don't people READ???

    Jennifer-I loved our visit, your house was fine. You're an amazing mama with precious babies, albeit short and starving, lol. I am honoured that you a) stalked me, and b) didn't clean for me. You're rad.

    -Susannah I cannot even relate to yard work, so a million kudos. Can I just say? The bathroom is clean, it just needs to be remodeled, lol. Why did you skip that one room? But seriously, I know how fastidious you are and how you haven't slept since god was a child. Hooray for you.

  7. Chey - that is hilarious. I was going to say that normally the Obamas could come use my bathroom anytime and I wouldn't have a problem . . . except that it needs a major remodel. I skipped the bathroom because the blue and black tiles and the blue and white linoleum floor are driving me insane. Pair those two with the huge blue formica-topped vanity and I just couldn't do it.
    Aaaaaaaand - I slept last night. Yay!