Friday, September 25, 2009

Feelin' the Burn on Friday

I pretty well summarized yesterday and my unprecedented achievements, and now I am mostly a phantom. A tired one.

Today is Todd's birthday and Susannah and Reilly stayed up hella late while he was at the airport baking his cake, and I decorated the house while the roosters snored.

Next up? Fret endlessly over the reality that my house will be in Hurricane Katrina ruins when I return from Marionette's, where I just need to clean the entire house really quick so they can show it.

Afterward, we're going to dinner for Todd, and then coming back home for cake which equals me wiping up after everyone with each bite until they are so uncomfortable they go home. Oh and presents.

I think tonight I will sleep, but it's mixed bag. I just know I won't be cleaning, because I damn well deserve a reprieve after yesterday. Plus Manic Saturday will keep me on my toes.

Speaking of mixed bags, I'm going to put a bag over my head and asphyxiate myself if I don't get off the computer so I'd like you all to select your own tasks and share with the class.

Nice and easy right? You're welcome. :)


  1. *raises hand in class* OOOH ME ME!!
    *cough* errmm... oh god what was I going to say? Oh yeah!
    Today, in light of me missing the sexy Dutch guy that is supposed to live here but decides to listen to his bosses at work and go to Holland for a week...*sigh*... I have begun the process of him coming home and got a few things done round here. I:
    ☺ Cleaned up the kitchen
    ☺ mopped a floor or two, will be doing the all out douche bag wash all floors thing tomorrow :)
    ☺ Cleaned out the entire fridge, removed all contents before groceries turned up and cleaned that sucka before it knew what hit it! WHAZZAM!
    ☺ Made a huge pot of tomato sauce, which turned out to be not as huge as I thought, but will do us 4 nights worth of dinners of which I will magically throw pasta dishes and some meat dishes together.
    ☺ Will shortly be making homemade sausage rolls to freeze up for the lunch brigade next week. (aka the sexy lusty guy and the elegant awesome teenager)

    It's not as much as I wanted done today, but at least I got something done! Tomorrow I work and then will be finishing up the house during my lunch break and after work in prep for the homecoming Sunday :D BRING ON SUNDAY! xx

  2. Mes-Your enthusiasm makes me puke. And so do Todd's birthday balloons. And my text notifier. And the fan. I experienced my first migraine today, HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, so I have the composure, wit, and hygiene of a carcass on the savanna. I had to cancel a very important job for a friend, I forgot my kids' art class, alternated the fun of hiding in the dark and vomiting, with a splash of throwing my phone across the house because I was sure to become the first person to die from getting texts. OMG this is the longest tangent ever.

    So yeah, all your hard work is making me queasy but I'm super proud (vomit) of you (heave). Clean kitchens are super sexy, and a clean refrigerator too? You could have a (really fucking boring, and cold) ménage à trois! I guess the extremely unattractive reality of a filthy house isn't quite balanced out by having sex with clean appliances. OMG what the fuck am I talking about?

    Okay so you sliced, you diced, you julienned, and that man (queue angels) is comin' home soon, and even though I lurve you, and kinda want to jump in that homecoming bed, you lost me at sausage rolls--BLECH! I'm breaking up with you guys.

    Please call me this weekend, I always get so much done when we talk. Oh, and I hate Sundays, so our relationship is totally falling apart. Love you. (Disclaimer: This post sucks ass. I am so dizzy and trying not to puke all over the monitor I cannot even vouch for myself. Sorry.)

  3. So I find myself having manic cleaning Friday instead of Saturday, but at least it all comes together!

    Today I:

    did dishes
    put away all stray toys
    vacuumed fireplace room
    vacuumed dining room (all the while cursing the idiot who put carpet there. . .)
    wiped down all kitchen appliances with Kirkland wipes (I LOVE these!!!)
    wiped down all of the cabinets
    picked up the toys in Cody's room
    moved a dresser out of Cody's room into the future room of Savannah
    tried to find meaning of the disaster that is the above (future room)
    AND. . . . . .
    ok, that's it-no wait! I take it back, I also washed and dried my kitchen floor on my hands and knees and then swooned over it!

    I love clean!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Dawna-you might just be the unsung hero of Moxieclean. I cannot stop thinking of all your tiny tots and you vacuuming out vans and fireplaces. Plus they are so well behaved. Are you on meth? I like to think so. Either way, you get a standing ovation from me, though I will fall down from vertigo.

    I love clean too. Ain't great?

    I already gave my epic migraine bitch fest. But tomorrow is a new day, one in which so much is expected of me I kind of hope I die in my sleep. But I won't, I will get it all done and commit to more things because I never learn.