Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Frustrations in Film (ish)

Okay, back on my feet. They're shaky but nothing motivates me like the need for speed, which in my case takes the form of clean surfaces, symmetry, and the smell of lemon-scented Lysol. I don't know about you, but I get a little bored with seeing my words in print day after day. Come on Cheyenne, that is not inspiring, and I often forget which blog I'm on and start regaling you all with irrelevant anecdotes when what you need is for me to kick your ass into the laundry room.

So today, a vignette representing the pathos of my ongoing cleaning endeavor(s). Some good, some bad, but perhaps you'll be able to relate enough to turn around and tell your own house its days of disorder are over. Let's see:

This makes the angels sing (sink being bleached):

This makes the angels cry and me morph into Kate Gosselin on steroids:

My vanity is an example of when to tell OCD "Tough shit, this is as good as it gets!":

This runs a really high risk of mutiny here, but I got it all folded while watching reprehensible television, double fail, blech:

This is a refrigerator that loves me:

I cannot sleep with this many dishes in the sink (yes my doctor knows):

And this, well, it's self-explanatory:

Okay so I opened the innermost chamber of my household weaknesses and humble victories. Does even one of you hate laundry a little less? Feel the need to spray Lysol everywhere? Are you calling the paddy wagon? Was that laundry a deal-breaker?

Thoughts? Come on. Someone has an unruly vanity or dull greying sink. Or perhaps a triumph they would like to share. I'll post it. Send 'em along. Something magnificent and then we can adore and hate you for the day.

Do it, it's a way to get better acquainted, plus, some of you have got to be pathological liars. (Ahem, Mesina, Dawna...)

Show what you've got!


  1. For shame! I am so not a liar!!
    I do what I can round here, today mostly it was getting Maurice's clothes out of the washing machine and making sure they were dry..A DAY LATE (see I suck!)
    I also put away the groceries that came today, plus planned my saturday night's dinner since we have guests. And I baked some muffins this morning to use up a few apples that were lying around threatening to no longer be fit to eat and crap.
    The kitchen is also clean, as will be my bathroom when I've finished. Aaaaaaaand of course I will go around the place with Mr Dyson and love up on him until he sucks the shit outta my floors. Oh rawr.
    Other than that, it's keep warm till the Man comes home and then feed him and ship him off on his night out with some menfolk! And call you while he's gone so we can play catch up and I won't be forced to clock no Im not that bad...honest...wait yes I am! SICKO! ♥

  2. OMG! I cannot show my house. . .I am constantly cleaning because it constantly needs it. Um, Chey, have you seen my posts lately. . .my eye is twitching! Anyway, today I was not home and so I got very little done. Tomorrow will be a be a better day. Mwa!

  3. Mes-Of course you're not a liar, it was a brilliant scheme to get you to post in defense. I'm wicked. It was so great talking to you today, even if I had to speak like an auctioneer since people were streaming into my house like buyers at an estate sale. My phone is hell of on, so call any time. You are the only person who can pull of allusions to an actual affair with a vacuum cleaner and not sound contrived nor really fucking disturbed. I love it. And muffins to boot? Damn girl.

    Dawna-You do so much I suspect your house can glean on residual efforts. Tomorrow you're using a cherry picker to remove your engine right? And have you seen my posts? I'm all, "I cleaned my house in October '09 so I'm good until 2012."

    Today, in anticipation of Deborah fetching her mutts, whom we had for three epic weeks, I arose at dawn just to use the bathroom and within five seconds I had swept kitchen, laundry room and bathroom, wiped down appliances, peed, bleached back bathroom sinks, did all laundry, cleaned dog supplies (er, Royal Dog Supplies), dusted, put kids to work, did random satisfying things, re-dyed my hair, and passed the pups off flawlessly as if I'm always showered and boasting clean surfaces. We even burned candles omg I'm such a fraud.

    Anyway, Saturday always greets me with new and urgent grime and chaos to make me insane. Hello coffee!

  4. OMG Mesina, you are amazingly enamored with your man. . . how long have you been together??

    I, too, love my Dyson. . .is there a better household tool?. . .I think not. . . ;-)

  5. Chey-the fact that your human gives me hope! ;-)