Thursday, October 22, 2009

Throw Away Thursday


It's every woman for herself.

More later.


  1. Where the f^#k did my post go?. . . .

    Anyway, Chey, are you ok??

    Today I:

    -wondered about Chey
    -did 1 (yes, 1) load of laundry
    -vacuumed upstairs
    -vacuumed fireplace room and dining room
    -moved little refrigerator to new "home"
    -disposed of two wheelbarrows of yard debris

  2. Dawna-Sorry, major cataclysm rendered me unable to do little more than acknowledge the blog.

    You moved a refrigerator??? Is you magic? I do lots of little thing but you is always carrying a piano and Savannah while memorizing O. Chem. I hate you, er, I mean, good job!

    Cleaning? What's that? Aside from showering all I did was try not to suffocate in my mask at the ER while I washed my hands to the bones and ate disinfectant foam while trying not to implode when a lady died right there. I also cleaned off a pizza and some dirt off my phone when I dropped it. EPIC MOXIE FAIL!

    Tomorrow will be better. Company mandates it.

  3. ROFL!!! The "refrigerator" was only 30" or so tall. But thanks for thinking I could be "THAT" good! ;-)

    DIED?! You must tell the rest of that story. . .why would you go somewhere so . . . GERMY?!