Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday Waived

In the interest of having virtually no range of motion in my neck, and some personal situations I know a few of you are facing, take today off.

Only do that which you must and aim for a period of rest or inactivity.

My gift to you, since I'm not sharing my Vicodin.

Back on track tomorrow.


  1. Really? Not sharing at all?! See? And I thought you were a compassionate person. . .(sigh) Damn! In addition to still being achy I also have a kid home sick and three that I desperately want to keep from getting sick!

    I've already begun to wipe things down with antibacterial wipes. . . Let the games begin!

    Today I will try to :
    -put Alissa's bed back together (all of her stuffed animals-ORGANIZED!)
    -vacuum girls room
    -clean bathrooms
    -vacuum the rest of downstairs
    -antibacterial wipe like a MAD-WOMAN
    And of course, the proverbial laundry and dishes

  2. omg, is your neck ok!?
    Today a friend came over and I did my usual tidy up the kitchen, counters, bathrooms, and vaccumed before she arrived. Having company makes me kick ass through the house in record time. We had a relaxing afternoon with lunch and coffee (one cup for me, then onto juice!) and all was well and right with the world.
    But now I'm behind and have usually ordered groceries and meal planned the week by now but NOOOO haven't done that yet! EEEK! *grumble grumble* off to sort it now! xx

  3. CHEY! Ahem. . . .I do believe it's Thursday. . .