Saturday, October 24, 2009

Manic Cleaning Saturday, October 24!

It's a good thing I enjoy cleaning enough for all of us, as I still wake up like a kid on christmas racing around expecting everyone to be up and pacing in anticipation of their lists. In truth, by the time these indifferent sleeper-inners roust their precious selves, I'm half done, but who cares. I usually give the kids weekends off, especially if there's school work to be made up, and there usually is. (I have no problem admitting that our weekly lesson plan is not a well-oiled machine of bliss and giggles operated by rote. Busy schedules often force make-up math on weekends.) However, if I need Quinn to vacuum and/or do toilets, he does it, math or no math.

Anyway, coffee's brewing, bed is made, protein shake and myriad foul horse pills have been choked dryly down my gullet, and I shall set my new music ("Caroline!") and slaughter this list:

As always, I challenge you guys to hit any three things off this list, or consider the following options:

-L------ (you know).

-D----- (you had better know).

-Pick one room and gut it, scrub it, toss what you can, and put Humpty back together again.

-Strip beds/change sheets.

-Clean your kitchen window sill/track/glass.

-Pick up 20 things.

-Get rid of 10 things.

-Dye your hair purple.

-Come and get the old washer and dryer the hell off my porch. (Cue banjo music.)

POST POST POST. You all claim to lurve fall but there's a malaise spreading, or maybe it's Swine Flu, whatever. In any case, you guys motivate each other, and since many of you contact me directly, share with the class.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Ok seriously, I don't even know what to say today because I am SPEECHLESS. Why you ask? Oh why? I'll tell you why, because yesterday my man went all domestic on my ass and stated
    ''tomorrow I want to bake you a victoria spongecake'' Ok I was like..''Excuse me? wtf did you just say?''
    Today, he's actually gone out TO BUY VICTORIA SPONGECAKE SUPPLIES. WTF?! It must be said, that my man does not bake. He's too super manly for shit like that and thus I have no idea why he's doing this, but I am not going to go so far as to complain. I'm just...well...shocked. He even asked if I wanted jam in it. *blink*
    So, while I'm working today my man will be baking (omg I did not say that) and I will be planning how I am going to clean my entire downstairs PLUS make a 3 course meal in 2 hours when two friends of ours arrive for a full on dinner. I am so excited to be entertaining (it's like my thing) but working until 5 kinda makes things a bit rushed to say the least. I'll get there!
    So cleaning will be enough to make company not leave the minute they walk in the door and then I shall spread a meal out in front of them to distract from the kitchen mess I'll make while cooking. Oh and I'll throw in the spongecake to distract them further while I sweep up dustbunnies out of their eyeshot.

    Dawna, to answer your question yesterday! Maurice and I have been together since May just about a year and a half :D

    Ok epic post done now. You can all move along now...move along.

  2. Well, I'll let you know later what and if I get anything done today. So far today I feel like I'm in existence purely to deal with dookie. It can only get better, right?!

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  4. Mesina-I can only assume you referenced "my man" three times in one paragraph because I went on and on about my crush on him. That's okay, rub it in, Maurice + cake = eat your heart out Cheyenne. Seriously, I'm more jealous of him than you anyway. I know all about pre-dinner guest flurry, especially since we talked (my) yesterday, so credit for that. However I am curious if you and YOUR MAN are the sort to kindly see your dear friends out the door and go to bed, or if you erase all evidence of their presence the instant the doorknob clicks...Todd and I always cleared the table, stacked the chairs atop it, and one of us would vacuum while the other cleaned the kitchen and then we'd wipe wipe wipe and wonder if we were just too neurotic to have people over. (The answer is yes, especially when lovely folks mistake our home for a zoo and their darling tots hang from the ceiling, drop their food, vomit on our new couch, and a vast assortment of other delightful surprises through which we have managed with superhuman strength to smile.) You're likely just wrapping it up now. Hope YOUR MAN'S cake was heaven, can't wait for Monday.

    Dawna-Uh, that sounds horrible. Bleach, wipe, wash, bitch, Xanax, repeat...

    I was up at dawn getting the requisite 2834572305 things that are NOT on my list done so that I could tackle those which are. I have a few things left to do, and then while Reilly is out at some humid Humane Society Halloween gala I am rifling through her mysterious bags as well as her drawers. Honesty is not a problem with our kids, but Reilly has an odd system, a mixture of fastidiously arranged/planned outfits and accoutrements she carries everywhere, including a smaller bag of days of the week underwear, you know, in case we're ever stranded in the woods, she wouldn't want to re-wear underwear and god forbid they be the wrong day. But she also has like seven lb. bags of Smarties, trinkety crap from quarter machines x 1,000,000, as well as 40 lip glosses, all colourless, since that's all I will allow, tiny stuffed animal stow-aways my mom lets her get from the claw machines (she's like an Olympic Gold Medalist at the claw machine), and dear god, just so much. She finds things I've stashed away for swaps because they're too small, too ugly, etc., and pushes them to the bottom of her bags. My friends are like, "Wow she packs fast, that's really cool," and I'm like, "Ask her if she has a toothbrush." Negative. But she does, at any time, have four jackets and six pairs of shoes. omg omg omg I am headed in there. Oh, and don't worry, I have hella toothbrushes everywhere, in the car, etc., and yet never a jacket...

  5. Honest, I didn't even notice the My Man thing until you pointed it out! See that's what I get for responding in a hurry yesterday!

    No, I don't need to claim him, but rather was feeling a bit mushy mushy over the fact he was baking for me. I mean...dude.

    The cake by the way, was freaking perfect and tasted so scrummy! I'd send you some but....the postal workers are doin' a strike thingy. Damn them all to heck! xx

  6. Mes-That's okay, you deserve the cake and the man, and I need a piece of cake like I need another goddamned douche bag in my life. But thanks. (No leftover crumbs on the carpet though right?)