Monday, October 19, 2009

Mandatory Monday

Since you all scurry off and pretend not to notice me on the weekends (save for a few diehard Moxlings who faithfully email and text me their progress), you're going to make up for it today. Ha ha.

My house is clean and we're not really using it while my brother and family are over at my mom's, so I don't have much of a list for today aside from a few dishes, and some laundry to fold.

How about you all?

Were all of your washing machines humming all weekend?

So we're entering the season of perpetual leaves wet and stuck to everything. I gather that this fact causes many of you orgasms but I hate it. I amp up my car-vacuuming routine, as well as extra porch sweeping, stomping our shoes before going inside, or just staying inside, and obviously I vacuum the house very five minutes. Something to ponder.

Let's get this party started:

-Get the basics booming. Once you're ahead it's easy, you can do this!

-Vacuum your carpet, as all that talk of leaves left me unsettled.

-Strip beds/remake.

-Take care of pet-centric tasks.

-I dare any or all of you to clean as much of your car as you can without, you know, dropping dead.


-Find ten corners that you wouldn't want my brother to find. For those who didn't check last night's comments, my brother came in and tested his initial impression of my extremely-clean-and-entirely-for-his-benefit house by checking my corners. Obviously I scored an A+. Will you? Get on it!

-Clear your dining area, try to eat a real meal there (I had to Google that), keep your dishes to the left and get them all tucked snugly into the dishwasher before you go to bed. Enlist as many helpers as possible. Wipe down your kitchen, floors included.

Voila, yous done!

Now post your successes or some highly entertaining excuses.


  1. You know it's Monday, so I did do a spot of cleaning today. Not my usual OMG it's Monday so let's sprinkle bleach all over the house, since I have no heating at the moment and the house was sooooo cold. So I did a little laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, counters, did the livingroom, vaccumed and pretty much just picked up whatever rubbed me the wrong way as I went through the day. Then I sat down under a blanket in the livingroom reading a new Vogue and Hair magazine, since I'm getting my hair cut at the end of the month.
    Pregnancy makes me want to either look A)so super sexy with a style that's totally unrealistic but which would make me look soooooo hawt or B) if that's not possible shave it all off for the bald and beautiful look. So naturally I NEED to start looking at possible hair-dos NOW so I don't end up doing a Brittany at the salon.
    So that was my hormone injected day! :D

  2. Mes-Hey your spot cleaning would reduce many to tears. It's the power of my baby.

    As for the hair, you always look hawt, go with what's comfortable. Though I will say bald chicks really don't float my boat at all so we may have a broken home before the baby's even born...Hmmm...

    You kick it. As for calling, Sky is up from CA so things are hectic but I will stop anything to chat you up, seriously. <3

    When Sky and Emilie peered into my windows like prowlers and then finally opted to knock, I cussed and stumbled to the door and I believe I greeted them with "Morning retards." While they turned the screws on Todd and me to get ready for a sneaked brunch before the late crowd arose, I folded all the laundry, wiped, spiffed, made beds, and straightened.