Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sky is Coming! The Sky is Coming!

No this time he really is. My mom shamed him.

If my house got any cleaner it would be a museum, and it's Sunday and rainy and the non-brother sky is black and none of you will obey my commandments anyway (hee hee, whoa those flames are hot), so how about a post-the-most day?

Do what you can and enthrall us with details, please, the more details the better I swear. I'm sick.

Okay I'm off to skip around like an idiot until they get here. Sky and I must talk politics for a requisite 785 hours the instant we see each other, and we differ on some things, I'm so excited. Oh I have to dig up this article on Ron Paul, because Sky gave him 1% credit for being human for some reason and I have to make him weep in apology.

And I'm sweeping the floor again.

And grinding more coffee beans, into which I will sprinkle crushed painkillers.

And leaping for joy that Todd is picking up the new camera today. I thought of stealing Debe's but decided it would be a) wrong, and b) really awkward to like hope she never mentioned her camera forever.

Okay yea!


  1. Still exhausted from my birth on Friday (18 hours straight of intense support does that, especially on top of everything else I have going on), but beginning to catch up. Did a bunch of laundry yesterday, and have a basket of clothes to fold while watching Buffy (a friend brought the first couple of seasons to liven my overwatched video collection). Have a load of dishes running, with another ready to follow. Picked up the piles of coats that have been gathering in the dining room, and planning to pick up assorted crap from the living room floor so that I can, with luck, entice DH to vacuum this afternoon.

    Other than that, I'm still supposed to be taking it easy.

  2. Katie-Excellent job getting started, what an emotional and exhausting experience that must have been. I so applaud your laundry, but I'm afraid any talk of Buffy will get you banned and possibly killed. I suffered through untold hours of that drivel only to be left with possibly the worst memory of my life, so call it a personal bias, but please switch to Six Feet Under, you've only just started.

    You have really done a lot, kudos. :)

    I awoke to a squeaky clean house, and a body screaming in pain, so I slept on the couch all day until Sky arrived and I did some girl shit and went to my mom's to see him. We had the best dinner ever (thanks Mom) and talked for 7,000 hours. He just brought me home and immediately said "Wow Chey your house is CLEAN." But, being a big brother, he was compelled to test me by looking behind the espresso maker and various other things to see if my corners would rat me out. Never. He impressed and I will collapse into bed replaying his praise, and then wake up early to pick up our conversation about mathematical derivatives. Wtf? I know. He's really charismatic.