Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Already?

The only part of me that isn't throbbing is my nail polish, so today's instructions may seem lackluster. Do them anyway.

-Clean up your act.

-Clean up your language (I'm exempt).

-Clean up your filthy mind.

Ew, that would make you all incredibly boring.

Stay as you are and clean five things.

And can someone make me some tea?

Thanks. I need to rest up for Manic Sky Saturday (Sky is my beloved brother).


  1. i'd love to make you some tea...don't know if i'll be able to clean 5 things today, but i'll try, in your honor.

  2. I was really beginning to worry when I first started reading the list of "to-dos". House cleaning, on the other hand, I can handle!

    I will post my accomplishments later.

  3. Man! Busted my ass all day and still didn't get everything I wanted to do done. . .

    I did
    -three loads of laundry
    -two loads of dishes
    -finished painting Savannah's new room
    -changed Alissa's bed
    -cleaned the girls room
    -vacuumed girls room
    -KITCHEN!!!! :-D

    And that, completes the summary of my day. Not so bad after all!