Monday, November 30, 2009

Merry Merry Monday

In preparation for the Big Holiday, I thought of some things we mamas (or dads) might want to put on our christmas lists. That is, if we value cleaning above diamonds and vacations, which I do. Who's with me? Seriously, just a few ideas for making cleaning easier, based on the testimony of friends and my own experience.

The simple beauty of these nearly brings tears to my eyes, and the general state of closets pre-organizer reduces me to full-blown sobs. How about it? There are zillions of varieties, whether your list is more IKEA in nature or Target:

This is a must-have, it's high atop my list. It's the most ingenious household cheat since sweeping everything under the rug. Now my puny regular lint roller seems inferior and antiquated. This one means business:

This idea is borrowed from uber-fabulous chef, baker, housekeeper, host, organizer, and friend, Jacob. I don't cook so I'd likely fill these with OxiClean and Ajax, but for those of you who are much better homemakers than I, these are charming and will open up worlds of cupboard space:

And for thoroughbred organizers, folks I know are bananas for these label makers. Personally, having had one, I am not to be trusted with one, lest my children not only be branded "Quinn" and "Reilly," but labels specifying "left arm," "Mom's least favourite t-shirt," "The hat Mom doesn't like," and "Growing up too fast. :( " But, I had to feature these, as they are thrilling when used in moderation:

Finally, for those whose Santas are more indulgent, I have heard these lauded from my own hometown all the way to London, and am starting to catch the fever myself. I have been a Kirby fan and owner since I sold them in 1996 but to hear people, namely Mesina, speak of her, well, affair, with hers, what's not to want? Try asking for this baby:

Hopefully this gave you some ideas as to helpful, and in some cases, luxurious cleanliness-oriented gifts for which to ask that jolly man. Or treat yourselves. Or tell me to go to hell and that you want your tennis bracelet. Just some thoughts.


-Back to basics with a bang.

-Finish tidying up all traces of Thanksgiving.

-Pick the spot in which your tree will go and start getting for that monster endeavor. This has never been a favourite of mine, but I do hope you all enjoy putting up your trees. Perhaps post your best tricks for keeping the pine needles from becoming a plague.

-Try Starbucks' new carmel something latte. OMG. I had never had a latte, and got one last night because I was frozen solid. Heaven.

-Get rid of one bag's worth of anything, to make room for Santa.

Have a great day. :)


  1. *gasp* Mr. Dyson! Oh you do look divine! *in best southern bell accent* Isn't he dreamy? Doesn't he just want to make his way into your home this Christmas and suck the shit outta your tinsel that your kids forced you to hang from the tree? Mr. Dyson is so your man.

    The spice magnets look interesting! I'll have to look out for those!

    Sadly my christmas list is less cleaning stuff and more photography related items. Namely the TRIPOD my future hubby has promised me as a pregnancy present, or the remote trigger that would sooo come in handy for shots or.... *rants on for about half an hour* .....and that other thing I can't remember and yeah, pretty much all that and a bag o' chips!

  2. Umm, yeah, $399 for a vac. As a guy, I just have the most difficult time paying that for a vac. Is it really worth it? what does it **do** so much better? Please, comment pro or con for these objects of (apparent) lust. I don't get it. Maybe it's the Y chromosome, ha!

  3. Dobby - (you had to ask....and I'm so sorry about this epic response!xxx)
    I know, I asked myself the same thing. Although here in the UK we can get them at the sporty price of about £198 on up to the £300 + range. But the brand is essentially british, so hence, I don't have to splash out a whooping $399 dollars (a lil ouch)

    However! I am the proud owner of one Siberian Husky, who has, to date, broken at least 3 vaccums before my beloved Dyson and I fell in love. Let me just say, Husky hair, in the cotton ball season (aka the friggin shedding) is vaccum hell...repeat H.E.L.L. and thus I need a reliable vaccum that won't choke on my best efforts to contain the DNA that she's dishing out. Dyson is the only one (so far) that can cope and not lose the suction over time. I have even accidentally vaccumed up entire man socks into it, and it pushed it straight through like it was a piece of lint. (lesson: Man socks don't belong under the sofa where the domestic Goddess may not look before she vaccums) It also, is great for the little things in life such as
    ♥ Carrying up the staircase - it's not all too heavy and lugging it up and down these british staircases isn't too much of a struggle. Yes I could get a lighter vaccum - but it WILL break with my dog hair issue.
    ♥ The lovely extention to the handle means spider webs and little hard to reach corners of the house are no problem-o
    ♥ Just as much as the bottom sucks up dirt, that hose attatched is a nasty sucker bug! That thing can suck out the crap from underneath the carpet I'm convinced.
    ♥ Mr Dyson purrs at me...purrs. I mean to say, when he and I are doing our little romantic dance around the house that motor whispers sweet nothings into my ear as I watch the hairs, dirt and other crap-ola on my floor literally swoon to him (No really, the dirt and hair just sucks up into my vaccum AT A's creepy and sorta kinky all at once)
    ♥ He is, the single most sexy vaccum on the market....just look at him. *dreamy sigh*

    you see my love affair comes from the fact that so many other vaccums let me down with the dog hair thing. A friend of mine is also a Dyson freak (just not as creepy as me) she just replaced her Dyson for the newer model after she had it well over 11 years. It wasn't broken, she just wanted the new Dyson Ball and her hubby was happy to get her one. (Biatch!)

    Cons? If you're going to have to pay $399 bucks for a vaccum, I'd ask the sales lady if it does your dishes too. That's so ouch! But once you go Dyson, you nevah go back...nuh uh! It will last for years. This is my second Dyson - why second? The ex kept the first one. The dog went with you see how evil he was?

    Hope that answers (some) of your questions! :)

  4. Mes-Does Maurice ever get jealous of your romance with the Dyson, or is it on the DL? I confess you've piqued my borderline obsession, and since Kirby's are hell of $2,000-$3,000, like $399 doesn't raise a welt you know?

    You needs the spice things. I can't get them because a) i don't cook, and b) I could not handle them on the refrigerator.

    As for photography, um, Maurice may have to make room for Dobby as well as the Dyson, as he is an aspiring and talented photographer who wants to talk lenses and shit, but do it on your own time because that's bo-ring.

    What kind of chips?

    Dobby-Hmmm...I believe closer dissection of the Y chromosome may be in order because the classic Y would balk at the $399 yet still expect the missus to keep things tidy, but a Y who is in touch with his domestic side would, if Mesina is to be believed, fall madly in love with the Dyson + use it = you'd be gay. You decide.

    I spent the day hauling my kids' outgrown clothes to various friends, as well as clothes I scored at a swap yesterday, having a day with just my Quinny, christmas shopping for his sister, having lunch, browsing, and getting him ready for a sleepover. Meanwhile, I bought a camera case for our new camera, which everyone loves, but Mesina and Dobby would liken to something purchased with food stamps, organizing my organizer, christmas presents, wriggling out of jury duty, laundry, wiping down the kitchen, and sweeping.

  5. Who said camera?!?! Oh yes I too hope and aspire that one day someone would say to me ''how much do you charge for a photoshoot?'' or just as equally divine...paying for a photograph. *hard thud on the floor*

    Dobby may, or may not, then be interested to know I am in the process of setting up a new photography blog....but I will say right now before anyone gets all excited and wets their pants....I am totally new to this. I've had my camera since April and only recently started to stop the ol heart attacks of going into manual mode. I'm learning, loving, orgasming, oh it's heaven. However I'm still working with the kit lens and trying to save up for another one and not watch Maurice die of heart failure when I show him the price. Yeah photography is so not a cheap hobby. But I'll photo my face that cares later if you like....*smirk*

    I have NO idea how a Dyson would compare to a Kirby, I mean I've never been in a postition to try a several thousand dollar vaccum. That in itself may also make me panic and or wet myself in ways that could turn out to be good, or bad. Whichever the way, I can only afford Mr Dyson, who holds my heart in his motor anyway.

    Maurice get jealous?! Nowai, he knows that despite my devotion, there are things he can offer me that Mr. Dyson cannot. However, I did make him sign a pre-nuptial agreement in the event he ever got sick of me, Mr Dyson and I are a package deal. love me, Love my Dyson, but don't you dare tear us apart. I can't even fathom him sucking up someone else's dirt.....that's just sick.