Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Twas the Tuesday That Brought December

I have an appointment early this morning which will require every brain cell I have an any you may have lying around, but I have vowed to accomplish the following beforehand:

-Scrub the shower.

-Organize drawers, as bras were not meant to live with books and ace bandages.

-Do a load of towels.

-Figure out why I bought a luscious comforter that is as smooth as tin foil. Ugh.

-Clear vanity.

-Clean out purse.

-Update christmas list (I am kicking christmas' ASS!)

-Head to my appointment.

Try this on for Tuesday:

-Basics. They're the proverbial blood coursing through your house's veins and will never go away so deal, lol.

-Be on the look out for things of which to rid your home to make way for new shit.

-Make a list of three things you need to do to succumb to christmas.


-If you have clutter atop your kitchen counters/hutches/etc., drag it all down and give it a what-for.

-Wipe down tvs, gaming systems, computers.

To quote Frankie again: Relax!

Ho ho ho!


  1. Damn, that is not a lint roller, it's an asphalt paver masquerading as a lint roller. Photography kept separate from Moxie? Sigh, if you must.
    Today is “tops” day. I’m cleaning the top of the china cabinet, the top of the entertainment center, the top of the fridge, the top(s) of ceiling fan blades…whatever surfaces fall under the cry-tear-ee-ah (lmao) of high up and flat, so as to effectively double as a collector of dust samples. This is, I suppose, a “Y” thing, since you “X” people seem shorter for some reason…well, MOST of you, current blog masters notwithstanding.
    M, the kit lens is fine. It seems you already know the person behind the lens is what really matters in photography. Some of my favorite shots were with P&S models, though (if you have a Canon) I must caution you against the “L” disease. Those lenses are god damn addicting.
    …now where’d I put my coffee?

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  3. Dobby-I'm not afraid of the big guns. Whatever it takes to maintain order. Also, "tops" day? I am beginning to question your Y-ness. Is you gay? If so you don't need my help, lol, but you're still welcome.

    So you managed to get in some (photo)shop talk after all, and then went overboard and deleted your second comment out of shame eh? Why don't you and Mes post some pics of your clean tops and bottoms. (Interpret as you wish.)

    Today was a mish mash of cleaning streaks and so many errands I feel like I've just stepped off a roller coaster.

    But I sit amidst a clean home, albeit dizzy, but with a checked-off list and even some presents wrapped.

    Here's to tomorrow.