Saturday, November 28, 2009


While it has been confirmed by a qualified technician that Moxieclean is suffering from a case of comment-itis, there is a definite lull which cannot be ignored. As such, and since y'all are probably all enduring prolonged tryptophantastic hangovers from all the turkey, I'm encouraging/authorizing a break today.

It's cold, it's going to get colder, and it's Sunday, which has no valid significance, but it makes sense to me to implement coziness on a Sunday since everything is closed and tv sucks.

As for me, I'm attending a swap, for which I get major de-cluttering points, and keeping my momentum going on what has proven to be the most successful start on christmas shopping to date. I used to balk at Target because of the food court and the fact that every employee had on a different shade of red shirt, but I've recently gotten over it and it has become like email; I have to check it everyday.

So take this day and rest rest rest. Soon we'll be knee-high in pine needles so really take it easy today, lol. Maybe pick one thing to do, like fold.

Or not.



  1. omg, while looking for a pic to place on my profile, i typo'd dobby as dooby, got this returned from the oracle ( )

    too funny, but nice (from a Y chromosome's point of view).

    having recovered from trip to egypt, off to work on closet space today. what lurks in those neglected dark corners?


  2. Dobby-The link didn't work for me, but it's just as well, since I only understand your humour like .1% of the time. Perhaps less overthinking is in order, more focus on purging your closet, which I never assigned, proof of Y chromosomes surging strong!

    Good luck.

  3. i need that shirt.

    also, cleaning and i are on a break indefinitely.

  4. Debe-You know just how to cut to the bone don't you? Well get in line. And your house is clean, god, what is wrong with you? Except for the patio furniture inside, the segments of your new owl sticky notes strewn in approximately 700 places, five corn dogs in the car count? But seriously, it's clean. And has heat.

    And in keeping with the Friends theme, I can't wait to hear you scream, "We were on a breeaak!"