Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slackerday, and Welcome Quinn!

Damn. Even a mellow Thanksgiving can wipe a mama out. While y'all were slaving over pots and pans full of festive foodstuffs, I was busily scrubbing down the stove and everything else in the house.

Then there's Black Friday. Lord help us all. I will never understand why anyone but the Duggars would get up at 3am to buy socks for 50%. The only other real deal is 5,000" tvs, so there's that. Reilly likes to spring awake and head straight for the free coffee and donuts while my eyeballs burn out of their sockets and I pray no one I know sees me try pass off a hat as a shower. Thank god she got Bella yesterday, so she let me slide a bit.

In other news, the lovely Quintarsa, better known as Quinn, which makes it slightly awkward when we flirt online since my son's name is Quinn, has been poking around Moxieclean hoping to fold herself into the mix. Rather, I'm going to have to yank her in. As I've been telling our Moxlings since day one, our primary objective is to stretch every effort as far as possible so that no one ever wakes up again crying, "OMG my entire house is a shit hole!" This is something I used to hear often, and my general response was simply to go clean it. Alas, my weeks were filling up fast, and people started inquiring as to my passion for cleaning.

A) OCD. I can't help it.

B) Our house is small and I will suffocate if I don't throw everything away and make sure everything I can't lift isn't sparkling. I never even walk from here to there without grabbing something, dusting a surface, because dust is an insidious effing bastard and the war will never end.

C) It's important to me that my kids (with whom I only flirt within legal limits) have excellent hygiene and cleaning habits. I never really trained them per se, they just learned certain things through repetition and some yelling. While I have always tried to shield them from the extreme demands of OCD, I am really proud of their tidy sensibilities.

Okay Quinn, don't hate me, but as I explained in my maiden post, I require very little sleep and have naturally high energy, so cleaning doesn't wipe me out. Also, my kids are older and they're home schooled, so our schedule is flexible. Clean first, everything else next, and lessons when we run out of excuses, lol.

I typically post what I've done that day, what I plan to do, followed by a list of assignments for you all, which you dutifully obey. (Read: disregard and throw pencils at the teacher in the form of doing everything except what I list, but that's okay!) Being able to list what (you've) accomplished evokes support from others, and brilliant praise from moi.

It looks like this:

Today I have:

-Woken up in all my clothes with the tv on, two hours late, dinner untouched next to me, freaked out about Moxieclean, and grabbed the laptop.

Hence the title, which, Quinn, typically reads: Manic Cleaning Saturday, signifying the one day a week I drink coffee and kick some major ass, and try to inspire the rest of you to as well. The tradition of Manic Saturday originated from a day of frenzied cleaning followed by going out with friends. This way I spent the whole day with my kids, and left the house shining, and thus, I could be guilt-free.

That said, and assuming many are still somewhat overwhelmed from Thanksgiving,
I advise attempting the following tasks:

-BASICS! (Quinn, this means always keep the dishwasher and washing machine running, as dishes and laundry are tied for number one most maligned task.)

-Clean up the dining area.

-Check kitchen for flour, drips, anything crusted onto the stove top, change the hand towels, and if you love me, bleach the sinks, wipe out the microwave, and sweep and Swiffer the floor.

-Take three wipes into the bathroom and give a cursory wipe.

-Have your kids pick up their stuff throughout the house.

-Rearrange and/or clean your refrigerator. Eh, eh, just do it!

-Strip/wash/remake bedding.


That's a start to getting your life back together before the upcoming monster holiday.

Brew that coffee, crank up some P!NK, and get those asses up and at 'em!

(PS-Quinn, I typically post the night before, so readers in Kent, Egypt, and Minnesota have it upon waking, as I know it's the most important thing in the world. Today was a fluke. Welcome!)

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  1. Aw! There is nothing that helps me get motivated more than being addressed directly in a public blog! I work full time but I am going to do my best to keep up with your insanity!~ ;)