Monday, November 16, 2009

Mumbling Monday

Nothing like a 092372375 hour road trip to make you feel 95 years old. I have this neurotic compulsion to unpack and clean the car the instant I return, even if it's 5am. So there's that. Sorting through stuff I brought my kids, laundry, separating GAP bags and B&B bags, straighteners, and hauling it all in with bags ripping, and water bottles E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, then wiping it all down...suffice it to say I have my work cut out for me today.

Incidentally, so do you!

My goals for today, cleaning/organization-wise, are:

-Laundry, hella.

-Give my suitcase a make-over.

-Go through two weeks' worth of mail (stabs eyes out).

-Wash blankets/pillow cases which touched hotel beds. Perhaps dry clean.

-Wash out and re-stock travel kit.

-Email my kids their chore lists, presumably to be followed when they get home from their respective sleep-overs. Bless Todd's heart but he can't seem to figure out what to tell them to do, and yet I can't see the house. Eh, we'll manage.

-Upload photos.

-Wash the Snuggie I'm borrowing in this igloo, and pray it doesn't disintegrate...

Monday for my Moxlings:

-Don't make me say it!

-Put some Windex on a paper towel and wipe down all tv/computer screens. Murky monitors are the worst.

-Fold all blankets strewn about. I hear this complaint so often, and I share the disdain/panic over blankets everywhere. This is especially helpful for home schooling mamas to get motivated. (Motivated? What's that?)

-Clear off the counter that gathers all the mail and bounty of coupons until it is bare with only the most essential papers stacked tidily.

-Wipe your kitchen down, sweep/Swiffer floor.

-Pick up clothes, dishes, toys, papers, and what-have-you from all over the house or make your kids do it.

-Spiff up your room: Clothes, bed, clutter on night stands/dressers, maybe run the vacuum and wipe the master bath down.

-Move or eliminate one thing in your house that will jolt your visual rut.

-When you get in your car, a) bring me a coffee, and b) spend 30 seconds grabbing everything you can that belongs in the garbage and run it there. Every little bit helps and it doesn't have to be laborious.

Regina Spektor's On the Radio.

Okay ladies, get some coffee brewing and get on it. I heard a rumour that comments may be repaired before I'm in the ground, which is nice because my inbox only holds 50, lol.

Okay go!

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