Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Slumber

Um, what? Apparently I slept the Lord's day away, so wouldn't it be hypocritical of me to crack the whip on the dutiful Moxlings who logged only to discover my complete and utter failure as a blogger and leader? Oh well I'm going to anyway--tough love and all that. My cell phone alarm basically went off five seconds after I fell asleep, so I stole another hour, which, you know, makes it worse. Then we were coerced into grabbing our joe at Coffeetopia (ooh la la) instead of Starbucks and then when I loved it and wanted a Coffeetopia cami, they only had xs, which is obviously 15 sizes too small. Am I excused for being tardy yet or shall I anticipate some Moxie truant officer or for Anonymous to rear its head and remind me that it's all for naught anyway? No matter. Here we go:

Five Simple Sunday Solutions:

-The basics. Dishes and laundry don't observe any sort of sabbath so you're S.O.L.

-Clean coffee and/or espresso makers, putting all appropriate pieces in the dishwasher.

-Double your laundry-loving pleasure by washing all the mats and rugs in the house.

-Find something you pass everyday (spindles, picture window, etc.) and totally clean it.

-With your children's help, pick up 50 things from around your house and find them homes or throw them away.

There, just like the echinacea boost I got in my strawberry (read: lemon) smoothie, is your boost.

It's not insurmountable and it's never too late!


  1. Ahhh, it seems spelling is for naught on the Lord's day. Yes, yes, I'm cleaning extra for the jab.


  2. Perfect! I nominate anonymous to clean for me too! I am absolutely sapped today so I can only hope that Monday will be an all-out cleaning frenzy! This headache does anything but help my productivity. I have worked on some homework and dishes today-got a bit more done yesterday. . .

  3. Fuck a duck. Yeah. I blogged on a phone the size of a postage stamp while getting ready for a 347505 hour road trip and realized an hour into the trip I had said "not" rather than "naught." It was the most miserable drive because of this. My only defense is the infuriating experience of typing anything half way coherent on a contraption whose keys are the size of pin heads while everyone is screaming about coffe. But, I have used the phrase before, on both blogs, so history will show that I do know the difference, I was just harried. No, being able to explain this doesn't ease my shame nor frustration at all. Thanks!

    Dawna-You're doing more than you think you are. Good job staying active despite your headache. Feel better. :(