Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday for Sissies?

It has been brought to my attention that many regular Moxlings are having trouble posting comments, while others are able to do so with ease.

I have no fucking clue. I'm a clean freak. Not a computer technician. Ack. I will have some of my techie peeps dig around and see what's up, but I have appreciated the emails and texts boasting your achievements. I didn't build the original blog, and it is fraught with weird glitches, so I will try to get it all fixed, seriously, as I believe that you guys motivate each other far better than I ever could, so you needs to see each other!

Earlier I was contemplating what I wish I were doing in my house. Suddenly my brain segued to hot tubbing, margaritas with brilliant mamas, book browsing for hours, getting my degree, and some pre-season christmas coups (see? I'm OCD but not totally insane--I loves me some fun), I decided it might be time to ask y'all what format changes might be more inspirational. I thought about reducing the maligned daily list two maybe two tasks and then take detailed pictures of me doing those things. People really respond to pictures. Does that appeal to anyone? Is it condescending? I have people tell me they can't even go to the store because their house is so messy. I just want to break it down as far as I have to so that the entire house is never an indefatigable beast ever again.

So please, ideas. Less of me talking? Well yeah, that probably won't happen, but we can shake things up if things are getting stale. Also, I forget that you guys have different houses than I, so I forget to admonish you to clean your staircase with a lint roller and shit like that.

For old times sake:

-Um, clean your staircase with a lint roller, obviously.

-Don't let the sun set on your laundry/dishes. (I believe that's in The Bible.)

-Dust five hutches, end tables, night stands, etc. Or all of them.

-Scrub five appliances, any five, but please make that include the microwave.

-Clean your computer and computer tower (it's a dust nightmare I guarantee it), cords, baseboards while you're down there. Collect hair bands, pen lids, paper clips while you're at it.

-DOORKNOBS. No I will not shut up. I have not gotten Swine Flu.

-Wash the biggest window or sliding glass door in your house. Do it.

-Put five things in a bag for a swap.

Good luck ladies, it never takes as long as you think it will. :)

(Almost re-broke my elbow attaching the clip art on the subway just for you jerk.)


  1. I had trouble posting initially too. What ended up working for me was creating a Google account. Even with that though I often have to "sign in" twice.

  2. Ladies? Are Gentlemen not allowed? Please advise. Thank you. The blog's appearance is pleasing to the eye, don't change it too much.

  3. Dawna--Thanks for the tip. Several of my friends/Moxlings don't have accounts so they have to sign in using their names. Sorry it's such a bitch.

    Anonymous--Gentlemen are most definitely welcome. In fact a man who cleans is highly lauded on Moxieclean. As for the appearance, I wasn't thinking of changing the template so much--although maybe a little--as the format. My Moxlings are becoming complacent, I can feel it. Thanks for the compliment. And you needn't be a perfect gentleman here, just so you know. I'm sure as hell no lady. :)

  4. Oooo!! Gentlemen who clean are a prized commodity!! *thumbs up*