Friday, December 4, 2009

Fix 'er Up Friday

As my mom says as we dive into December, especially when stress threatens to put a damper on our festivities, "The geese are gettin' fat!" I love it when she says that.

The geese are gettin' fat Moxlings!

I know that daily regimens can be exhausting on their own, but if we buckle down and weave in a few holiday-related tasks when we can, perhaps christmas won't feel like a monster set to swallow you whole.

Today I have:

-Cleaned the bathroom.


-Made the bed.


-Showered so hella early it was practically last night. That's a first.

Getting ready to:

-Fold towels.

-Take out garbage.

-Do my laundry, hissing at anyone who comes near and leave Post-Its everywhere warning everyone not to dry on pain of death.

-Get ready to go to P-Town.

Thoughts for you:

-Get the washer humming.

-Ditto dishwasher.

-Wipe down kitchen.

-Start a list of what you're cooking for christmas, if you're cooking.

-Start/revise gift list.

-Clear FIVE, yes FIVE surfaces.


-Cleaning in and on and around your sofas.

-Put the kids to work with christmas music!

-Wash all mats.

-Check for cobwebs.

Better get hopping elves, tomorrow is Manic Cleaning Christmas Saturday!


  1. Where does one purchase "hopping elves"? :)
    Today, true-to-form, I'm working on my own project. Today is paperwork hell day, so I'm taking pains to reduce clutter-ish paper. I promise, some day I will follow directions, but not yet. Maybe it's that darned Asperger syndrome. Cheers!

    Oh, M, do you have a Canon, Nikon, or other brand?

  2. showering so hell of eary is the best.

    today i picked my glasses up off the floor... or was that you?

  3. Today I made it my mission to get some more Christmas lights up and a few other little outside decorations up.


    This is something I've been trying to get done for days but everytime I walked away from Cody and Alissa they would start fighting mercilessly, GRRRRR!!! But today was finally the day.

    I also got two loads of laundry completed, vacuumed the downstairs living room, kicked some kitchen butt including the floor, and cleaned the front gutter as I hung lights!

  4. Dobby-Where? At the literacy center? Good job on paper de-cluttering, it's hell. And way to sneak your photo-snobbery in.

    p fro-I know, but it won't happen again until Hale-Bopp returns. And I was never on the floor, duh.

    Today I cleaned out my life savings in Bridgeport christmas shopping, and it was uber-worth it.

  5. *Diverts Cheyenne's attention* Oh look ELVIS!
    *whispers to Dobby* I'm sporting a Nikon D60

    *cough* soooo yesterday (which was friday to me now) I went into town all day and basically neglected all my housewife-ly chores of cleaning anything. It was awesome. And I bought peace sign covered rubber boots for the woods on sale for £9.99 - down from £24.99 - WOOOOP Bargain baby! Plus, they make me look like a hippie tree huggin nature girl and I'm pretty much down with that.
    Then to top it all off I attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine which her teenage daughter arranged for her. She set up an Ann Summers party just for her mom and had food and drink all ready for everyone! it was so sweet! We had tons of fun and I came home just in time to snuggle up to the man and pass out.
    Today is work again, so monday shall be my manic clean as per normal. But to those of you free on the weekends...Get your groove on that house babehs!!!

  6. Mes-Has anyone ever told you that it is virtually impossible to hold a grudge against you? Virtually...

    And has anyone ever told you that I find freakin' Dandelions more intriguing than Elvis? Or rocks even.