Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

Dudes, my site meter indicates substantial readership here, and I do get texts and emails and pictures from devoted Moxlings, but somehow the comment realm is a barren wasteland. Now, I am no comment whore, but I know that seeing each others' progress is inspiring to our core group, and I hope we can recapture our groove.

Your mission today is not optional, and it consists of:

-Basics times five.

-Set your timer for a 10 minute walk through/pick-up.

-Do two cleaning tasks, such as things which involve solvents.

-Do two de-cluttering type tasks.

-Do two holiday related things. Perhaps one splendid and one dreaded.

-Keep those lint rollers handy for those insidious pine needles. *Shudder*

And let's post folks. We're lagging!


  1. Im posting!! Commenting!! And omg cleaning like a woman in a thong because...we have company over tonight. And not..YAY COMPANY! but like...fuck work people company. From Holland. Can I just hide now and totally order pizza?

    So now I have to CLEAN FOR COMPANY which puts me in a bad mood since I'm running on little sleep. I'll update my progress later, or tomorrow, or whenever I come up to breathe for air. ♥

  2. "Lagging". . .I'm not even sure that begins to describe it!

    I have been spending the majority of my time lately in my car, blech! Clatskanie for Thanksgiving, home, then Portland yesterday. Today I will be home until I absolutely have to leave for Savannah's appointment.

    I intend to focus on laundry and general cleaning today, and hopefully get up some more Christmas decorations. Wish me luck!

  3. I've been fighting a stomach bug for days so not much happening in my house, except me getting sicker at the non-cleaning going on.

    Sunday was a good day and the kids and I hung/folded laundry together in my room with tunes playing. My son even said it was fun!

    As for commenting, I unfortuately find that if I log into other blogs first and then come here I can usually comment pretty painlessly but I do always copy my comment before hitting post in case of mishap.

  4. i'm not cleaning, i'm moving. screw this shit hole.

  5. your ass isn't going anywhere jerk.

  6. Welcome newcomers!

    I got some stuff done today. Unfortunately in my mind if EVERYTHING isn't completed, nothing got done. :-(

    Feel better Hennifer!

  7. Mes-"Cleaning like a woman in a thong" made me laugh for like seven years. A pregnant mama in a thong cleaning, you do it all! How did the 'fuck work people from Holland' go?

    Dawna-Laundry, general cleaning, and christmas stuff is an excellent plan. How'd it go?

    Jennifer-So sorry for your bug. You should be exempt now for at least ten years. Glad you and the kids rocked out to some laundry, you should ease back into a manageable cleaning routine. let me know if you need a hand. Is it time to clean E's room yet?

    phyllis froze-That is the worst attitude ever. Start by not throwing things. I will help you today.

    crawley indian-You are an insipring genius.

    Dawna-I suffer from the SAME thing! OMG, I cleaned my entire house on Thanksgiving, and had 44 things on my list. The only things that didn't get done were Quinn vacuuming and one load of laundry that wasn't dry when I left and I was totally dismayed.

    Also, I loved you calling her 'Hennifer,' lol. Her name is Jennifer. Ha ha ha. :)

    I've become a total hack, what wth traveling, remodeling, holiday shit everywhere, but, BUT! I have helped everyone else clean, and raised my kids' allowance so that my tasks are basically restricted to folding laundry (because I won't let anyone else fold it), and deep cleaning, little things kids and Ys don't notice. Mostly I notice clutter, dust, and pretty much everything else, but we've stricken a good balance for these busy days.

    Good job guys!