Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Rest

That's right. Take a day off. It's cold, there's plenty of time to scramble. Today just slow down and count your blessings. Maybe post something for which you're grateful, or help someone else. The dishes aren't going anywhere.

Much love,


  1. Take the day off? I can't. Rather than cleaning, I spent the better part of Saturday responding to email that was suspiciously like spam, but was not. I now must at least catch the basics. Those sink drains must be sterile or I can’t rest. I am thankful for my friends, mindful (sans foot-in-mouth) of those who feel blue during this, the most celebrated of commercial seasons, and hopeful Santa drops a sweet new lens under the tree (M will read this as a 100mm f/2.0 for portrait work).

  2. Dob-I heart Moxlings who cannot take the day off! I'm not either. Everyone's so stressed out though, I thought it would be satisfying to read that that is today's assignment. OT: I hate the mismatched shit graphics on this post and apologize to anyone who sees it. Way to work in lenspeak to Mesina you GEEK! You should have her send you peace sign rubber boots. OMG Mes you have to!!!

    Off to fold laundry and get ready for one hell of a day.

  3. I love that Dobby totally slipped his geekness into his cleaning post to share the drool over the 100mm f/2.0 lens he's got on his list for Santa! Hey, I can totally get down with hookin up a fellow photography geek some peace sign rubber boots....especially since he is an entire ocean away and so thus cannot possibly steal my thunder while I am sporting mine. Cos I can't be havin' that!

    I won't be getting a new lens from Santa this year however - however much I beg and plead, Santa's money will just have to be goin' to these sweet lil ones first! If he has a box of chocolates or some funky ass socks for me to wear with my awesome boots well then I'd just be a happy camper.

    Today I am busting my butt around this house catching up on what the weekend didn't do, so thus I am up to my backside in laundry, ironing (light...most done tomorrow) and bascially letting Mr Dyson suck up to his lil motor heart's desire where the dirt and doghair reigns. After that I dunno...prolly GEEK OUT with this month's edition to Practical Photography. Cos I'm totally awesome like that ♥