Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moderately Manic Cleaning Saturday

If the black sleet outside weren't reason enough to scooch down into the covers, surely my sleeping giant nestled against me, for the first time in four years, was reason indeed.

Getting right to business, I hate today. Primarily because the afore-detailed storage room hasn't been touched, and because all of our clothing came back from CRDN (insurance company who ruined it all), and I have to sift through to weep over so many brand new clothes, lost to shrunkenness. It's too bad some of the smaller people I knew are utter shitbags, otherwise they'd have a serious haul. So here's what this little project looks like:

This mess is the size of a Buick. So there's that.

What I've already done:

-Pulled the last load out of the dryer.

-Wiped down kitchen.

-Ate Honey Nut Cheerios.

-Dusted computer areas.

-Wiped down sinks.

-Took out Netflix.

-Swept laundry room.

What I will achieve before the Old Navy extravaganza, at which I hope to replenish some of my wardrobe:

-Make all beds.

-Run dishwasher.

-Scrub kitchen floors with bleach solution.

-Sweep/Swiffer bathrooms.

-Wipe down toilets.

-Vacuums bath mats.

-DUST x infinity.

-De-clutter pretty much everything.

-Wash the vinyl shower liner.

-Organize snack cupboard.

-Pretend to be deaf when Todd says, "How about that storage room?" And/or plead Old Navy sale...


-Fold laundry.

-Clear off dryer of kids' outgrown clothes (piles are mounting).

-Put my clothes away, and hope to expand my wardrobe, Jolie-Pitt style.

What's up with you guys?
I've been a Moxie hack of late, with so much going on, but it would make me oh so happy if you could get a few things done, for my sake, naturally. Like maybe:

-Washing machine running its ass off all day.

-Dishwasher doing its duty, while you tend to the rest of the kitchen (wipe down counters, tossing old produce, trash, etc., putting dishes in the left side of the sink, wiping down appliances, cupboard faces, and finally, FLOOR.

-Take out all wastebaskets and garbage, bleach any gross ones. Re-line.

-Dust/organize computer desk.

-Strip (?) and re-make beds.

-Set your timer for 20 minutes and have a showdown with your living room.

-Assign age-appropriate tasks for your children, such as putting all their dirty clothes in the wash, possibly filling a bag with unwanted clothes/toys.

-Fill one garbage bag yourself, whether destined for the dump, a swap, Goodwill, or your trunk.

-Sweep non-carpeted flooring.

-Vacuum carpeted floors.

-Wipe down doorknobs.


-Windexing all windows and mirrors.

-Tackling the tops of your refrigerators (possibly de-cluttering the fronts as well).

-Taking a damp cloth to your baseboards and carpet edging. You wouldn't believe the gunk in that strip of carpet. As Reilly says, "It is so satisfying" to wipe it up.

-Beautify one area of your home. Something that will please your eyes amidst chaos.

-Come and get your asses in my storage room, making a brief stop at this mountain of boxes. wpeokflskdjfahdgjsdgj.

Start your engines. It's fair to say it's a Starbucks day. Anybody want anything?

(Whip cracking)

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