Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mini Manic Saturday

The towering heap shown above is just my whites, which I hope to get through before I develop carpal tunnel, in the interest of the rest of the waiting baskets. Apparently we have all become performers, requiring multiple daily wardrobe changes. Plus I bought new towels for the new bathroom, but Todd was loathe to toss the old ones, so we are rich in towels, and encumbered by more laundry.

Quinn has something going on this afternoon, so once again, I will invoke my inner Speedy Gonzales to give this house the what-for, and then tackle some phone calls in my car, and hopefully find a Starbucks somewhere in this land in which to finish paperwork. That's the plan. Variables abound with teenage boys, so I'm trying to hold fast to this itinerary without my life depending on it.

Before we leave, the kids and I will be kicking ass doing the following, and fyi, I'm 1/3rd finished, because I'm ... always awake like that.

My load:

Don't forget this to get your blood pumping:

Get those basics done, and spend 20 minutes in each room, adding any of my tasks that you may have fallen in love with.

(Yes Kasondra, I'm getting on the schedule!)

Have a great Saturday.


  1. Oooh, lint rolling the couch is pretty ingenious. Do you think it would pick up rogue peach pits and Peter Pan books? Probably not. Good thing that couch instantly became a dog bed.

    But really, you need to step away from Beyonce. Too much Sasha Fierce going on up in here.

  2. Let's see...I have mini ones, standard sized ones, and the floor sweeping kind, so ordinarily I'd say that one of them is bound to work, but I also know the love seat of which you speak. Your glance was so brief you thought it was a couch, hahahaha! OMG knowing you now I would give ANYTHING to have seen your face as you peeled quesadillas off of it, and you're not selling some dog bed story. You would sooner shoot your dogs than let them sleep on that. My advice is never to buy furniture from someone who has to fish it out of some fucking Rubik's Cube maze/garage full of even shittier furniture. Duh.

    WHOA. I will not abide by Sasha haters, so shut it.

  3. I've been patiently waiting for Monday's post... but I'm like done being patient since I have this 30 seconds to type a post while Jared sleeps.

    Soooo yesterday (uhh Monday) I totally remembered what life was like trying to clean with a newborn around. It's not that real deep clean you crave, but more of a ''holy shit what can I get done in 5 minutes?'' kinda clean where you tear through the house like a bitch on crack and manage to:

    ♥ Clean my entire kitchen, dishes, counters, throw crap away and wipe over tiles.

    ♥ Swept and mopped all of the downstairs floors *flex*

    ♥ scanned over the livingroom and pretty much swore at everything that shouldn't be there..kicked it's ass and moved it outta there.

    ♥ Put on some laundry and folded what came out of the dryer

    and that was all I could manage in the short time Jared gave me. I'd like to mention I did most of this topless since Jared doesn't allow me to not be fast food. It's sorta pointless to even wear a bra or a shirt for that matter - my boobs are on constant public display. It might be kinda hawt if it wasn't so cow-ish. xx

  4. Mes--There you are! Damn, Jared is really selfish--he must get that from Maurice. Anyway, I love it when you *flex* lol, and I adore your admission re: cleaning like a bitch on crack topless! That is so amazing. As you know, I clean best with no pants on, so we're a perfectly balanced pair of mamas for selfish Maurice and his ... sultry lips ... er, um ... what was I saying again? Oh right, cleaning! Hoo-rah for doing all that while Little Man granted you 5.3 minutes' use of your own limbs and breasts. Wait, did you use your breasts while cleaning? That would earn you a Moxie Medal, but it's also really creepy so please keep it to yourself.

    Glad to see you back, I applaud your eagerness to get back into the swing of things, and I extend a heartfelt apology for not having a new post up everyday. I loaded up my to-do list like I was at Old Country Buffet and something had to give. God. It's crazy. But I'm getting tons done, big and small, and ought to not want to burn down my house in the next six months.

    I was actually just going to post when I saw you whining, which kind of lacks credibility since you're topless, but duly noted nonetheless.

    Note: I am trying to draft a loose schedule each week, something somewhat predictable and easily resumed for those who fall behind. I know Kasondra is going to storm my house any second demanding her schedule, lol, and I owe ~M~ a post as well. I'm getting there ladies, I promise. Perhaps a list of excuses would shed some light on my lackluster Moxie action, and maybe even elicit some sympathy. I've spread myself so thin I'm basically a vapor, SO BACK OFF!

    More soon!