Friday, June 25, 2010

File Away Friday

Yep, that's my daisy. :)

I have always been an early riser, but still, sometimes that alarm singes my eyelids and makes me curse the universe. This was one of those mornings. But hey, we do what we must when Comcast is coming sometime between 8:00am and next Tuesday, right? The only way to combat the sick, bleary sleep shortage was to get my ass cleaning and fast. I have a mixture of weird small tedious shit to conquer, as well as doors to paint, things to install, a garage sale to prep, and of course, an appointment in an hour to keep my busierthanamotherfucker.

Right away I washed the last load of laundry, after hanging and approximately 8932085 garments last night, and washing everything from the trip. Next I ate and bleached every sink in the house, as well as toilets. I then FINALLY labeled and put my bedside file cabinet to use. This has been whimpering at me since I bought it two months ago. This begat an extremely satisfying paper shredding experience. (I've often said I was born in the wrong era--that perhaps the 50's would have suited me more. But when I'm perusing the symbol menu on the label maker, and seeing 13 medical bills get ripped to shit, in an organized fashion, I'm like, "The fifties can suck it!")

I mean, give credit where credit is due!

In addition to draining the bleachy sinks, I am morphing into The Incredibles to accomplish the following (and more) before I get into the shower at gunpoint to make my appointment:

I loathe counter stacks, almost as much as I hate filthy lying whores, but I'm on a roll:

I'm only procrastinating on installing this because it's gold. And, could it be more gold?

I also need to:

-Make kids' chore lists before I go.

-Make exchanges downtown.

-Cruise through car wash.

-Send a package to my cousin, who just had a baby last night! <3

-Scrub out sinks, wipe down counters.

-Oversee pick up of trinkety crap.

-Clean fans.


Status reports due pronto!


  1. Ok, for now I will say only that I <3 your daisy (Gerberas rock!) and I am off to get start and will post an update later!


    If your bitchass isn't showered I am going to smite you. Watch.

    Luckily my digs are pretty shiny so all I've done is: a few dishes, obsessively wiped down every surface thrice, and SHOWERED! Ha. Sucka.

    -Chonna Clepper

    PS-Bring your labelmaker over so I can label my oats 'n' shit. You know, in case I forget what they look like.

  3. Ok, as promised, my update:

    -Finished the bathroom (that means sinks are plumbed, caulked, no leaks, and fully functional. . .WOOT!) garbage out, floor cleaned, counter cleaned off, bath tub cleaned. . .

    -IMMACULATE kitchen! <3 swoon <3

    -vacuumed all floors (again)

    -cleaned lizard cage

    -cleaned french doors

    -completed three loads of laundry

    Yeah, I'm pretty pleased. . .

  4. I just got up.
    I saw a threat that if I didn't come here bad things would happen involving little people, which I'm worried might be gnomes.
    Wait. the gnomes were a dream. Thank fuck for that.
    Okay, sooooo...did you say you were coming over to help me organise my house and help me clean before my Dad arrives - cos I'm pretty fucking positive I heard that. What? I live too far away? DAMN ME FOR MOVING!
    I have no idea what I will get done today, since my back is like threating to slip a disc again (It did so 2 years ago), but I'm pretty sure it will be the basics. basics being:
    ♥ Dishes
    ♥ Clean kitchen
    ♥ Spend some one on one time with Mr. Dyson, since he hates it when Maurice tries to rev up his motor. Only I can do it in a loving way.
    ♥ Bring the 10986483729 million mother fuckin' clothes that are in my room right now DOWNSTAIRS and put them IN THE LAUNDRY MAURICE - not that I'm blaming anyone here. But he pretty much did it.
    ♥ Fold laundry that's waiting for me upstairs in a basket that smells super clean but is now probably super wrinkly and put it away after contemplating ''does it NEED ironing? Oh fuck them they can wear it like that...''
    It's not that I don't love them. It's just that really I don't give a damn about their appearance right now - they are friggin lucky I just got 5 minutes without a vampire child on my boobs.
    BTW - I need that label maker!! xxx

  5. HEY! Here I am early and not only is my update comment from yesterday not posted but the Saturday edition isn't here yet either. . . . .

  6. I'm still trying to convince DH to vacuum...yes, STILL!
    We're busy today (headed out our hour drive to get our raw dairy products and attend worship) so I'll probably be cleaning tomorrow.
    I SO can't wait for my second trimester when I can have coffee again...this tired shit sucks.

  7. Ever heard of Saturday guys? Epic fail.